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2011-2012 Undergraduate Fellows

Jackman Humanities Institute Undergraduate Fellowships, 2011-2012

We are pleased to announce the appointment of six undergraduate fellows for 2011-2012 who will be researching projects relevant to the theme of Location/Dislocation during their senior year at the University of Toronto. 

Nicholas Arrigo (UTSG Classics/French)
Exilium Ovidianum: Factual and Fictional Dislocation in Ovid’s Tristia, Epistulae Ex Ponto and Heroides
Supervisor:  Mary Nyquist (UTSG English/Women and Gender Studies)

Laura Boles (UTSG English/Religion/Spanish and Portuguese)
“Religion and Diaspora in Post-9/11 Literature”
Supervisor: Mark Kingwell (UTSG Philosophy)

Kate Bruce-Lockhart (UTSG History/English)
“Furthering the Cause of Freedom: Slave Agency and Abolition in Nineteenth-Century Brazil”
Supervisor:  Jeannine DeLombard (UTM English and Drama)

Wendy Byrnes
(UTM English and Drama/UTM Historical Studies)
“Trampers, Sorcerers and Kidnappers: Locating ‘Gypsies’ in Nineteenth Century British Fiction”
Supervisor: Jeannine DeLombard (UTM English and Drama)

Christopher Hiebert (UTSG Religion)
“Sacred City: The Making of Sacred Spaces in Toronto’s Tibetan Community”
Supervisor: Mark Kingwell (UTSG Philosophy)

Clara Rozee (UTSG English)
“Relocating Shakespeare: Postcolonial Adaptations and Women’s Rewritings of Shakespeare’s Plays”
Supervisor: Mary Nyquist (UTSG English/Women and Gender Studies)

Download announcement [pdf]

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