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Building Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto

Building Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is in a prime position to become one of the leading institutions in North America in the field of Islamic Studies.  This Working Group is designed to increase integration and organization by means of two goals:

  • identify the resources and strengths in Islamic studies at the University of Toronto
  • chart a course for future development of Islamic studies among the faculty at the University of Toronto

To accomplish these goals, the Islamic Studies Workshop will meet monthly to feature the work of one scholar working in Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto by way of precirculated paper.  The scholar will have 15 minutes to contextualize the work, followed by a ten-minute response by a graduate student.  Subsequently, the floor will be opened to an in-depth discussion.  In addition to addressing the content of each paper, the discussions will revolve around the following questions of connections within the field and its sub-disciplines.

To support graduate students, we will sponsor a graduate colloquium in the spring of 2011.  Applications to participate will be accepted from graduate students who are writing their dissertations, with priority for members of this working group.  Three graduate students will present a chapter from their dissertation; there will be time to provide contextualization, a formal commentary from a faculty member not on the student's dissertation committee, and an open discussion of the student's work.  The process is designed to provide substantive feedback and to encourage graduate students to think about how their work fits within the larger field of Islamic studies.

The working group will take stock of the University's rich resources in Islamic studies, create new interdisciplinary networks, and lay the ground for future collaborations.

Anver Emon, Law
Amira Mittermaier, Religion/Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations   

Mohamed Fadel, Law
Jens Hansson, Historical Studies (UTM)
Tod Lawson, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Linda Northrup, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Sherene Razack, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Karen Ruffle, Historical Studies (UTM)
Walid Saleh, Religion
Shafique Virani, Religion/Historical Studies (UTM)   

Secil Dagtas, Anthropology
Shari Goldberg, Religion/Women & Gender Studies/Jewish Studies
Shaftolu Gulumadov, Religion
Adnan Hussain, Religion
Nermeen Mouftah, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Paul Nahme, Religion
Shanifa Nasser-Sunderji, Religion
Hisham Saffieddine, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Ahmed Saleh, Law
Halil Simsek, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Edith Szanto, Religion


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