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Climate in the Humanities, Sciences, and Society

Climate in the Humanities, Sciences, and Society

This working group aims to discover social and policy relevant issues of interdisciplinary interest, and identify local resources that could be drawn upon for addressing those interests. Along the way, we hope this working group provides the opportunity for scholars to approach their research from an alternate perspective. Possible questions of for discussion include:

  • How does the communication of scientific knowledge about the climate effect popular understandings of (a ) the climate, (b ) the scientific method, and (c ) political-economic relations to science policy?
  • How do climatology and meteorology, with their reliance on computer models and remote sensing devices, challenge the traditional conceptions of experiment and measurement?
  • In what ways does the vastness of the global technological infrastructure used to gather data about the atmosphere inform the way climate science is practiced? 
  • Does the place of scientists in society, and their relations with policy makers, create a cycle of inaction on issues like global warming? 
  • What role, if any, do values play in the development of atmospheric science? 
  • How do political policy, or public funding, inform our scientific understanding of climate issues?

Gregory Lusk, Ph.D. cand., History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
Zen Mariani, Ph.D. cand., Physics
Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellows at the University of Toronto
Steven Easterbrook, Environment and Computer Science
Margaret Morrison, Philosophy
Matthew Hoffman, UTSC Political Science
Steven Bernstein, Political Science
Douglas MacDonald, Environment
Ashley Jones, Postdoctoral Fellow, Physics

Graduate Students
Chris Conway, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
Dan Weaver, Physics
Keven Roy, Physics
(Graduate Students at other Universities)
Martin Vezér, Philosophy of Science, University of Western Ontario
Francesc Rodriguez, Science & Technology Studies, York University

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