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Critical China Studies

Critical China Studies

Now in its second year, this organically-formed working group brings together the rapidly-growing community of China specialists at the University of Toronto and in the greater Toronto area, fulfilling an urgent scholarly need to foster productive and intellectually animated conversation.  The group includes China scholars who use diverse methodological lenses and disciplinary tools, including traditional sinology, the history of science, gender studies, print and visual culture, art history, law, social theory, and postcolonial studies.

Our graduate students, who make up half the group, benefit from the opportunity to serve as informal discussants for precirculated papers by local and outside professors.  In the coming year, we will emphasize reading primary sources in order to help both graduate students and faculty to hone their research and analytical skills.  In so doing, we seek not only to expand the boundaries of China studies, but also to use China-based historical materials to open up new theoretical questions that have implications in other fields.

Ruoyun Bai, Humanities-Media Studies (UTSC)
Alana Boland, Geography
Li Chen, Humanities-History (UTSC)
Linda Feng, East Asian Studies
Yi Gu, Humanities-Art History (UTSC)
Ping-Chun Hsien, Social Sciences-Sociology (UTSC)
Tong Lam, Historical Studies (UTM)
Jennifer Purtle, Art
Meng Yue, Comparative Literature/East Asian Studies
Yi-Ching Wu, Anthropology/East Asian Studies
Brian Chiasson, History (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Joshua Fogel, History (York University)
Joan Judge, History (York University)   

Xi Chen, East Asian Studies
Jonathan Doughty, History
Monica Guu, Art
Michael Lam, History
Jennifer Lechy, History
Jessica Tsui Yan Li, Comparative Literature
Yanfei Li, East Asian Studies
Yan Lu, Comparative Literature
Nick McGee, History
Sally Niu, Women and Gender Studies; Asia-Pacific Studies
James Poborsa, East Asian Studies
Meaghan Marian, History
Mark McConaghy, East Asian Studies
Elizabeth Parke, Art
Akiko Takesue, Art
Yao (Adam) Liu, B.A. program, Asia-Pacific Studies
Doris Ha-Lin Sung, Art (York University)
Hank Zhao, East Asian Studies

Tong Lam, Historical Studies (UTM)

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