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The Foucault Project

The Foucault Project

The Foucault Project is a Working Group dedicated to reading the complete works of Michel Foucault.  In our third year, we look forward to reading the late Foucault:

  • Discipline and Punish (1976) two meetings, fall 2010
  • History of Sexuality, volume I: An Introduction (1976) two meetings, fall 2010
  • The Birth of Biopolitics: College de France Lecture 1979, two meetings, winter 2011
  • Security, Territory, Population: College de France Lectures 1977-78, two meetings, winter 2011

Engaging with Foucault's work in chronological order has allowed us to trace shifts, connections, and continuities, and to critically examine the division of Foucault's work into distinct phases.  We will consider how Foucault's early writing on dreams, madness, and Kant's anthropology might offer new and unexpected insights into the concepts of discipline, power-knowledge, and governmentality in his later works.

We plan two additional events in the coming year:  in the fall, we will host a roundtable featuring faculty members from the GTA from different disciplines to discuss how Foucault has shaped the discourses and methodologies in their fields, and how they employ Foucault in their own research projects.  In the spring, we will organize a public lecture and weekend seminar on the topic of religion, featuring Professor James Bernauer, the author of Michel Foucault and Theology (Ashgate, 2004).

Please note that membership in The Foucault Project is limited.

Marcinku Kedzior, Lecturer, Architecture
Arlene McDonald, Religion
Valentina Napolitano, Anthropology
Kevin O’Neill, Religion/Diaspora & Transnational Studies
James Ingram, Political Science (McMaster University)

Andrea Casatella, Political Science
Joe Culpepper, Comparative Literature
Michael Curnoyea, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
Luis Felipe, Religion
Lisa Freeman, Geography
Sebastian Gil-Riaño, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
Alejandra Gonzalez Jimenez, Anthropology
David Kaden, Religion
Karen Lee-Miller, Public Health
Zeke Levinsky, Sociology
Arlene McDonald, 2009 PhD graduate, Religion
Shan Mohammed, Nursing
Andreas Paras, Political Science
Nicholas Sanchez, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
Nicholas Schonhoffer, Religion
Sheena Sommers, History
Vanessa Vanzieleghem, 2009 MISt graduate, Information

Amira Mittermaier, Religion
Yiftach Fehige, Religion/History & Philosophy of Science & Technology

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