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Nineteenth-Century Time

Nineteenth-Century Time

In 2017-18 we would like especially to consider questions of “colonial time,” not only because they began to emerge spontaneously from our conversations last year, but also, and most importantly, because we recognize the potential to connect thematically through this topic with other JHI groups, fellows and events that will be operating under the 2017-18 theme of “indelible violence”. In the coming year, we will pursue selected topics via collective readings, and we also plan to host a symposium, which in turn may find its way into publication; we will also seek opportunities for collaboration with other thematically-relevant events and groups at the University of Toronto.

Sherry Lee, Faculty of Music
Ellen Lockhart, Faculty of Music
Faculty, University of Toronto
Joseph L. Clark, FAS Art and Faculty of Architecture
Rebecca Comay, FAS Philosophy, Comparative Literature
Melissa Gniadek, UTM English & Drama
Willi Goetschel, FAS German and Philosophy
Brian Jacobson, FAS Cinema Studies
Terry F. Robinson, UTM English & Drama
Daniel Wright, UTM English & Drama   

Graduate Students, University of Toronto
Emily Doucet, Art History
Nicole Dufoe, English
Elizabeth Fox, Music
Lindsay Jones, Music
Sadie Menicanin, Music
Eric Woodley, Art History

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