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Religion, Culture, Politics

Religion, Culture, Politics: Works in Progress Seminar

The Religion, Culture, Politics: Works in Progress Seminar's goal is to bring together scholars with interests in the anthropology and sociology of religion, politics and comparative political thought, literary and cultural studies, and theories of religion to share emerging research.  The participants in this interdisciplinary seminar focus their research on a range of regions and a diversity of religious, cultural, and political contexts. The problematic of religion and its place within political and cultural arenas is at the heart of many of the most urgent questions facing humanities scholars today.  It is no accident that a number of scholars in a wide range of disciplines are working at this intersection.

For each of our meetings, a graduate student or faculty member will pre-circulate a chapter-length piece for critical discussion. In the spring of 2011, we will convene a workshop with an invited guest, to be oriented around key theoretical works.

Juhn Ahn, Religion/East Asian Studies
Doris Bergen, History
Girash Daswani, Anthopology (UTSC)
Anver Emon, Law
Mohammed Fadel, Law
Amanda Goodman, Religion
Kajri Jain, Ctr. for Visual & Media Culture (UTM)
Courtney Jung, Political Science
Pamela Klassen, Religion
Michael Lambek, Social Sciences-Anthropology (UTSC)
Amira Mittermaier, Religion/Near & Middle Eastern Studies
Andrea Most, English
Melanie Newton, History
Valentina Napolitano, Anthropology
Kevin O’Neill, Religion/Diaspora & Transnational Studies
Ajay Rao, Religion/Historical Studies (UTM)
Daniel Silver, Social Sciences-Sociology (UTSC)
Andrea Paras, Postdoctoral Fellow, Political Science
Liat Radcliffe-Ross, Postdoctoral Fellow, Political Science   

Jodie Boyer, Religion
Rebecca Carter-Chand, History
Brian Carwana, Religion
Nicholas Dion, Religion
Amy Fisher, Religion
Shari Goldberg, Religion/Women & Gender Studies/Jewish Studies
Rebekka King, Religion
Anna Kruglove, Anthropology
Mourad Laabdi, Religion
Jason McKinney, Religion
Aldea Mulhern, Religion
Ahmed Saleh, Law
Jared Toney, History

Ruth Marshall, Religion
Simon Coleman, Religion   

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