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Science and Culture

Science and Culture

How should the relation between science and culture be theorized? To what degree is that relation historically specific or to what degree can it be generalized?  What sorts of scholarly production are enabled or disabled by different answers to these questions?  Despite the intense historical and philosophical scrutiny to which science has been subjected over the last several decades, there remains considerable disagreement over such fundamental issues.  The Science and Culture Working Group examines the specificity of the culture/science interface and its significance, addressing these questions within an interdisciplinary environment, and providing ties between faculty and students from different departments and between the University of Toronto and other institutions in the GTA.

Most meetings take the format of an exchange of scholarly work, including the opportunity for graduate students to share their work-in-progress with the group.  In addition, we also dedicate two meetings to discussion of recently-published work theorizing the relations between science and culture.  Our year's work culminates with the visit of an invited scholar, including a public lecture and seminar for graduate students.  We are pleased to welcome Steven Shapin, whose many books on the history of science include the recently published The Scientific Life: A Moral History of Late Modern Vocation (University of Chicago Press, 2008).

Alan Bewell, English
Matthew Farish, Geography & Planning
Jill Matus, English
Mark Solovey, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
Tina Choi, English (York University)
Ingrid Heymeyer, History (Ryerson University)
Bernard Lightman, Science & Technology (York University)
Peter McIsaac, German (York University)
Ann B. Shteir, English/Women’s Studies (York University)   

Michael Curnoyea, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
Delia Gavrus, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
George Griffin, German
Sebastian Gil-Riaño, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
Daniel Newman, English
Jaipreet Virdi, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
Vivien Hamilton, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
Erich Weidenhammer, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology

Christine Lehleiter, German
Marga Vicedo, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology   

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