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Early Modern Exiles

Early Modern Exiles

This working group explores exile and forced migration as a cultural motif and a historical reality.  This year's meetings will lead toward an international conference in April 2012 titled Early Modern Migrations: Exile, Expulsion, and Religious Refugees in the Early Modern World.  The group will also sponsor four day-long workshops, open to the public, which will promote cross-disciplinary discussion focussed on theoretical and historical forms and concepts.

  • September 2011:  Theorizing/Problematizing Exile and the 'Refugee'
  • October 2011:  Location and Dislocation in Early Modern Religion
  • November 2011:  Imperial States: Forces for Expulsion
  • January 2012:  Visual and Material Cultures of Exile

Workshop participants will read and discuss primary source materials that will also feature in the April conference program, including a 1597 play, The Christian Turn'd Turk (to be performed April 2012), as well as  exile narratives, art works produced about and by exiles, and music produced in exile communities.  Each public workshop will be preceded by a Working Group lunch seminar at which the key issues and questions raised by the workshop's focus will be discussed.



Mark Meyerson, Medieval Studies and History
Ken Mills, History
Franco Pierno, Italian Studies
Natalie Rothman, UTSC Humanities and History
Nhung Tran, History
Megan Armstrong, History, McMaster University
Greta Kroeker, History and Medieval Studies, University of Waterloo
Marvin Anderson, Lecturer, Religion/ History, and Fellow, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies
Rob Zacharias, Postdoctoral Fellow, Comparative Literature and Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies


Stephanie Cavanaugh, History
Karen Cousins, History
Adleen Crapo, Comparative Literature
Alexandra Guerson, History
Duc Huynh, East Asian Studies and History
Paula Karger, Religion
Mehmet Kuru, History
Victoria Loucks, History
Hoang Nguyen, Anthropology
Natalie Oeltjen, Medieval Studies
Adele Wilson, English
Talia Zajac, Medieval Studies

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