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Travel Literature

Travel Literature

This working group will engage with travel literature by exploring a series of different kinds of narratives in a range of ways: archival material, open to revisionist interpretation; creative accounts of personal experience; and fictional and mythological stories that involve travel.  These materials open issues such as mobility, space, ethnography, personal and cultural identity, colonialism, and narratology.  Texts from a broad historical and geographical range will be drawn together by a focus on the narrative of travel.

Our meetings will typically include a presentation that brings a new interpretive strategy to bear on a precirculated text.  Graduate student presentations of their relevant works in progress will be especially welcome.  We also plan to bring a guest speaker to Toronto, and to begin initial planning for a conference or symposium in a later year.

Lead:  Jonathan Burgess, Classics


Alan Bewell, English
Suzanne Conklin Akbari, English and Medieval Studies
Hans deGroot, English (retired)
Matt Farish, Geography
Gillian Fenwick, English
Pamela Klassen, Religion
Kenneth McDonald, UTSC Geography
Ken Mills, History
Lena Mortensen, UTSC Anthropology
John Zilcosky, German and Comparative Literature


Jody Cundy, Classics
Nicholas Dion, Religion
Gwyndaf Garbutt, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
Kaitlin Heller, History
Jessica Higgins, Classics
Jessica Lockhart, Medieval Studies
Kevin Ulrich, Classics
Morgan Vanek, English
Tim Wright, Classics


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