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This working group will provide a productive forum for the exchange of ideas regarding the combination of theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches from the disciplines of Religious Studies, Anthropology, and History as well as reflections among them in both classical and contemporary scholarship.

Our monthly meetings will consider assigned readings.  We will also host a year-end symposium with a visiting scholar whose work reflects the group's topic. This event will include a special session on that scholar's work, and a public lecture.


John Marshall, Religion
Justin Stein, Religion
Ryan Olfert, Religion


Andreas Bendlin, Classics and UTM Historical Studies
Simon Coleman, Religion
Amanda Goodman, Religion
Ivan Kalman, Anthropology
Pamela Klassen, Religion
Michael Lambek, UTSC Anthropology
Ashley Lebner, Anthropology
Ken Mills, History
Amira Mittermaier, Religion and Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Andrea Meuhlebach, UTM Anthropology
Valentina Napolitano, Anthropology
Nhung Tran, History

Rebecca Bartel, Religion
Ian Brown, Religion
Secil Dagtas, Anthropology
Emily Hertzman, Anthropology
Victoria Sheldon, Anthropology
Michael Wilcox, History
Elena Young, Religion
Kris Maksymowicz, Anthropology, York University


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