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Translating the Gaps: Mapping Contact Between Native American and Western Cultures in the Americas

Translating the Gaps? Mapping Contact between Native American and Western Cultures in the Americas

This working group seeks to (re)think the place of language and cultural contacts in the historico-political exchange between Native and Western cultures. It will provide a space to reflect on how the politics of culture and language contact have been translated into the narratives and knowledge of the respective worldviews and epistemologies of these two communities and to explore questions such as:

  • How does translation happen between languages in the "discovery" of the New World?
  • How does translation praxis operate in a networked global world?
  • How, and for what purposes, will we "know"?
  • What points of cultural contact are recurrent or relevant in the cartographies of knowledge produced by distinct communities, when computing and media technologies are transforming not only their engagement with the world, but also their understanding of it?
  • Whose knowledge is considered legitimate today, and in what language?
  • How should we organize our learning institutions and communities to "decolonize knowledge"?
  • How can we articulate questions of contact and communication in terms of ethics and values?

Andreas Motsch, French
Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology
Andreas Motsch, French
Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology
Paul Cohen, History
Keren Rice, Linguistics and Aboriginal Studies
Mária Constanza Guzmán, Translation Studies, York University/Glendon College
Ian Martin, Linguistics, York University

Heidi Bohacker, History
Grégoire Holtz, French
Alana Johns, Linguistics

(Other Universities)
Bruce Connell, Linguistics, York University
Maya Chacaby, Linguistics, York University
John Steckley, Anthropology and Sociology, Humber College
Marie-Christine Pioffet, French, York University
Douglas Allen, History
Céline Bonnotte, French
Melina Giannelia, History
Amy Huras, History
Daniel Laxer, History
Chandra Murdoch, History
Richard Spavin, French
Christian Micu, French
Elena Stoica, French

(Other Universities)
Ixchel Cervantes, Translation Studies, York University
Janice Flavien, Translation Studies, York University
Sean Meades, Linguistics, York University

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