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Animals in the Law and Humanities

Animals in the Law and Humanities

From a legal perspective, animals are property and the relationship of humans to animals is one of ownership conceptualized in terms of concepts like control, capture, and domestication. The treatment of animals as property invites reflection on the many and often contradictory ways in which we view and use animals: as pets, and as food or clothing; in a taxidermy museum display or in a laboratory setting; revered and romanticized in a zoo or conservation context, but disposable in a hunting context. Animals are a quintessential humanistic category in the sense that our understanding and attitudes towards them depends so much on the varied ends and purposes we have for them as a species of property to do with as we will. How humans have treated, and continue to treat animals tells us a lot about those humans.

This working group seeks to bring together senior and junior scholars as well as graduate students working on animal-related humanities issues across across a variety of disciplines, time periods, and geographies at the University of Toronto, to establish connections between those working on this topic and to share their work and ideas.

Angela Fernandez, Law
Sarah Amato, Instructor, Victoria College    

Daniel Bender, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
Leslie Bisgould, Instructor, Law
Matt Brower, Information
Naisargi Dave, Anthropology
Sean Hawkins, History
Mayo Moran, Law
Mary Nyquist, English
Amy Ratelle, Research Coordinator, Information  

Sarah Henderson, English
Kristine Connidis, Law
Oisín Keohane, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Philosophy
Camille Labchuk, Law
Rachel Levine, Anthropology
Aldea Mulhern, Religion
Emma Planinc, Political Science
Sundhya Walther, English

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