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Emotions Under Siege

Emotions Under Seige

An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Emotions

Recorded May 14-15 2010

(Numbers indicate the minute start of each talk in the timeline)

Opening Remarks

Emotions Under Seige Talk 1
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Opening Remarks

Panel 1

Emotions Under Seige talk 3
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4:00 Keith Oatley
HUman Dvelopment & Applied Psychology OISE

18:00 Brad Inwood
Philosophy & Classics

32:20 "View From the Bridge"
Joseph Fletcher
Political Science

51:00 "Emotion & Family Interaction"
Jennifer Jenkins
Human Development & Applied Psychology OISE

66:45 Q&A

Panel 2

Emotions Under Seige talk 3

1:05 "Neuro-imaging Emotional Processing"
Dr. Margot Taylor
Director Neuroimaging Hospital for Sick Children

13:20 "The Pain of Social Disconnection"
Geoff MacDonald

32:30 Hanah Chapman
PhD candidate
Affect & Cognition Lab Psychology

Panel 3

Emotions Under Seige talk 3
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00:00 Yi-Chen

02:30 "The Reality of Emotions: The Self & its Transformation in Early China"
Curie Virag
East Asian Studies & UTSC Humanities

21:05 "Medieval Theories of Emotion"
Martin Pickave
Philosophy/Medieval Studies

44:25 Len Ferry
PhD candidate Political Science

61:20 Q&A

Panel 4

Emotions Under Seige talk 3
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00:40 "Truthiness & Digital Dissent: Sense Making in Politics"
Megan Boler
Theory & Policy Studies OISE

26:45 "The Role of Emotions in Judgement"
Jennifer Nedelsky
Political Science / Law

47:05 "Rethinking the Beast with Two Backs: Hegelian Love Politics & Non Humans"
Stefan Dolgert
Postdoctoral Fellow JHI

69:39 Q&A

Panel 5

Emotions Under Seige talk 3
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1:05 Ronald de Sousa

22:10 "Neo-Kantianism Under Seige"
Simone Chambers

40:20 Paul Saurette
University of Ottawa, Political Science

65:00 Q&A

Panel 6

Emotions Under Seige talk 6
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Dr. Curie Virag - Chair

00:55 Ryan Balot
Political Science

17:00 "Emotions, International Politics & the Second Opium War 1856-1860
Li Chen

38:45 Garry Leonard
English/Cinema Studies

61:10 Rebecca Kingston
Political Science

85:25 Q&A



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