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<< February 2016 >>
How Jewish Authors Reinvented the American War Novel
Develop your capacity for improving Teaching & Learning, Curriculum & Theory, and Pedagogical Practice
Why Physician-Assisted Dying Can and Should Remain Restricted in Canada after Carter: Lessons from the Belgian Experience
Religion, Comedy and Free Speech Symposium
The Earliest Mittanni Empire: Dim Light from the Dark Age
Transgressive Steps: Walking and the Emergence of the Modern Imaginary between European Enlightenment and Romanticism
David Novak's New Theory of Zionism
Wisdom and Folly. A European Literary Itinerary between Renaissance and Baroque
'Zotom is Busy Drawing a Book': Reading Religion in Plains Indian Ledger Notebooks
A Conversation About Assisted Death
Europe's Muslim Minorities: Successes and Failures of Integration
War, Metal and Memory
Crisis and the Humanitarian Present: Thinking through the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes
Rupturing Colonialscapes: politicizing the relational sites and scales of Indigenous resurgence
Images of America and its people in Early Modern Print
A Primer on Primaries: Understanding the changing U.S. Electoral Landscape and Voter Demographics
Bourgeois Tragedy Reconsidered: George Lillo and the History of Ordinary Suffering
After Paris: New Thinking for A New Way Forward
German-EU-Russian Relations: Dissolution of the
Opening Night with Cake and Puppets / Buchty a Loutky
Gender Disparities in Infant and Early Child Health Associated with Maternal Country of Birth
(Part)-Time for All: Generating New Norms of Work and Care
Post-Presidential Election: The Future of Taiwan Explored
Documenting Memory-Truth-Justice: The Search for Guatemala's Dead and Disappeared & Resisting Violent Development
Problematizing the Social and Ethical Dimensions of Developmental Milestones as Determinants to Therapy Among Young People Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
La Calisto
The Ambiguity of Love: Nostalgia for Paradise and Sexual Desire in Tassos's IVth Canto of Gerusalemme Liberata
History of Emotions in the Medieval West
The Reactive American Presidency and its Perils
Tibet: Through the Red Box (for adults)
The Emergence of Modern Political Scandal: A French Threshold Crossed in 1790
Lunchtime Stories for the Heart
Three Little Pigs (for children and adults)
Cooptation or Complicity
A Panoramic View of Mexican Corridos and Narco-Corridos
Contested Embrace: Transborder Membership Politics in Twentieth-Century Korea
"A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away": Myth and Fantasy in US Foreign Policy and Star Wars
Planning, Development and the politics of the Everyday State in South Asia
Reforms and Security in Ukraine Two Years After the EuroMaidan/Revolution of Dignity
Dilemmas in the Prohibition of Slavery in Islam: How the Islamic States Gets Away with Slavery
The History of The Great War: A Transnational Approach
Jews, Liquor, and Life in Eastern Europe
Bibliography and Citation Management Software: Practical tools to support your academic research
When Petro-Dollars Dry Up: The Cases of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan
Chushingura & the Edo Literary Imagination
A Sea of Protection: Piracy, Trade & Regulation in the Western Indian Ocean
Riflessi linguistici dei contatti nel Mediterraneo tra Venezia e l'Impero Ottomano tra '500 e '600
The Ottomans and Early Modernity: A View from the Long Sixteenth Century
Auditory Anxieties: The Sounds of German Literary Modernism
Early Modern Interdisciplinary Graduate Forum V
'Satan is the seducer of them all': Calvinist Geography and the Encounter with India
Through the Woods and to the Sea: The Architecture of Inland Travel in Precolonial Central India
The Future of Israeli Democracy
Welcome to the New South: Immigration and Segregation in Metropolitan Atlanta
The Enlightenment Birth of Biopolitics
And Still We Rise: A New Generation of Black Students Arises for a New Time?
Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Incendium Amoris: music from a mystical manuscript
From Tashkent to Toronto, from Parchment to Screens: Writing the Self in the Digital Age
Ink in Persian and Arabic Manuscripts
Mauss' Nightmare: The Financial Crisis of 2007-08 and the Non-Social Contract
Ghosts and Rocks: The Past That Would Shape the Future in Northeast Asia
The Hebrew Bible as a Near Eastern Book: The Challenge of Cultural Comparison

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