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<< February 2017 >>
CALL FOR PAPERS - Imagining 150: The Ethics of Canada's Sesquicentennial
Ethics and Our Early Years: Making Decisions for Children as if Childhood Really Mattered
The Rhythm of Thought
Medical Knowledge in the Portuguese Colonial World: Indigenous Healing Practices in Ethno-Botanical Manuscripts
Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience
The Killing Flower (Luci Mei Traditrici)
Men, Hearing, Women in Medicean Florence
The Reception of Deuteronomy in the Second Temple Period
Making Postindustrial Cities in North America
JALANAN, a Film by Daniel Ziv
Grab, Dump, Capture: Screenshot Genealogies
The Facebook Post
What Does China's Industrial Relocation Mean for China's Workers?
Are Refugees Welcome Here? Trump, Immigration, and Canadian Responses
Behind Closed Doors: Trafficking Labour, Sex, Art
Jewish and Christian Kabbalah in the Seventeenth Century
Against Arbitrariness and Romanticism: al-Qarafi's Outline of the Legal and Ethical Logic of Sovereignty
John Locke's Transmigration of Consciousness
Confederation and Treaties
The Ethics of Ethics and Literature
Curative Violence: How to Inhabit the Time Machine with Disability
Envisioning Chinese Canadian Studies: A Conversation About Community-Engaged Teaching and Research
The Chosen Maiden
When Kings Attack: Tiglath-pileser I's Handling of Babylonia in the Late Second Millennium BCE
The Difference Nothing Makes: The Doctrine of Creation as Contemplative Insight
Trump, Trudeau & Trade: What is at Stake for Our Future?
Leonard Cohen: Ethics and the Artist
Political Economies and Political Rationalities of Road Building in Nepal: Notes from the Archives
When Warriors Turn: Nationalism and the Meaning of the Great War in Ernst Junger, Kathe Kollwitz, and Otto Dix
The Plot to Save American Democracy: Project Narrative, Story Science and the Plan to Hack Hollywood
A Historical Perspective on the Ukraine Crisis: States, Stability, and the Soviet Legacy
We are the land and the land is us
Prospects for Syria: Revolution and Counterrevolution
Discover Latin America: State of Affairs of the Continent
Hollywood Hack: An Insider's Guide to How Studios like Disney and Pixar Engineer Scripts...and How You Can Change It
Digital Humanities and Computational Science Literacy
Home Ownership among Local Born and Migrant Young Adults in Hong Kong
Film Screening: After Trujillo
Screening Dirt: West African Film Audiences and the "Problem" of Colonial Spectatorship in the 1930s and 1940s
Beautiful Suffering. Friedrich Schiller and Contemporary German Photography: Jens Neumann and Edgar Rodtmann
Bordering Injustice: How Should We Respond to Trump's Ban?
Arabica Veritas. Europeans' Search for 'Truth' in Arabic Scientific and Philosophical Literature of the Middle Ages
CANCELLED The Neverending Age of Coal: Energy Extraction Amidst Dreams of Post-Industrialism
Andean Potters and the Historical Archive
From Modernity to Postmodernity: Malaysian Art in a Century
The Power of Specialized Search Engines in Global Poverty Alleviation
Zamenhof, Esperanto and the Hillelist Covenant
The Hermeneutic Genome of my Scholarship: from Patristic into Eastern, from Theological into Interreligious and from Dogmatic into Interdisciplinary
The Ethics of Lawyering in Sexual Assault Cases
Spatial Digital Humanities: A Toolkit
Crypto-Jewish practices of a conversa in fifteenth-century Majorca: the proceso and prayers of Esclaramuna Pardo
Screening of 'Into the Forest' with Writer and Director, Patricia Rozema
"Conscience for Change": Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 1967 Massey Lectures
LGBTQ+ Workshop - MPP Cheri DiNovo on the All Families Are Equal Act
The Muslim Ban: Trump's First Legal, Political, and Security Crisis 2017
"Conscience for Change": Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 1967 Massey Lectures
The Indigenous Initiatives Office presents: The Children's Lawyer for Ontario
The Politics of Forms and Forces
Lumumba (2000; dir. Raoul Peck)
CALL FOR PAPERS - What's Anti-Racism Good for Now? - IDERD Conference
CALL FOR PAPERS: LAS Annual Undergraduate Research Day
Historical Scholarship and Political Engagement
TIMBUKTU Screening
Music and the Jewish World
The Rise of the Hybrid Domain: Collaborative Governance for Social Innovation
Book launch: The WAY OF THE STRANGERS, Encounters with the Islamic State by Graeme Wood
Screening of Anatomy of Violence by Deepa Mehta
Blood, Milk & Tears
Civil Wars: A History of Ideas
Cineforum Screening: When Father Was Away on Business
CANCELLED - Urbs Nullius: Gentrification and/as Settler-Colonialism
Kepler Wagging his Tail
Noise and the Medical Body in Early Modern Italy
Dropka - Film and Talkback
Screening of Mostly Sunny (2015) with Filmmaker Dilip Mehta

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