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<< March 2014 >>
Coptic Heritage: Monasticism -- Consistency and Change
Singing with Angels: Prayer in the Dead Sea Scrolls
World Building and Text Building in French Arthurian Cycles
Publics and Crowds Revisited: On the Role of Print Capitalism in South Indian Politics
Roots and Routes: Sociability & Materiality
The Effect of "False" Polarization: Are Perceptions of Political Polarization Self-Fulfilling Prophecies?
A Problem of Politics and History, Not Religion: Understanding Sectarianism in the Modern Arab World
Humanities: Past, Present, Future
Writing About Sectarianism
Panoramas, Space Perception, and 18th-c. Subjectivity
Public Atheism: An American History
Events in Language and Thought
Shaping Poetry: Arthur Golding's Metamorphic Physics
Love's New Lands: The Persian Romance in East Bengal
Bengali Harlem and the Lost Histories of South Asian America
Martyrology as Dialogue: Talmudic and Midrashic Conections with 'Other Judaisms'
Bad Men, Poor Men, and the Ethnography of Religion and Prison
Edith Stein: Between Judaism and Catholicism
The Value of Equality
Making Image Matter: Reconsidering Civil Rights Work in the Post WWII United States
The 'Hidden' Dante: Recent Studies (2008-13) on the manuscript tradition and text of the Divina Commedia'
Reconstructing Ritual from Archaeological Investigation: Chungul Kurgan from the Qipchaq Steppe of the Early 13th Century
Ukraine: Lessons of the Past, and Outlook to the Future
Constructing Sacred Spaces: Medieval Rituals of Church Dedication
Damboli Dimbol o Ni Nash Nash: Sounds, Discourses, and Contestations of Intimately Iranian Rhythms
Ravenna's Monumental Heritage and the Italian Renaissance
Ukraine: Whose Revolution?
Speech Acts and Joyous Utterances: Translating, Teaching, Learning and Living Indigenous Tribalographies
Magazines and the Visual Culture of War in Barcelona
A Manuscript Present: Translation and Remediation in the Early Middle Ages
The Meaning of Markets: Against Semiotic Objections to Markets in Everything
Early Modern Interdisciplinary Graduate Forum
From Language to Language (Israel, 2004)
The Crisis in Ukraine: Causes and Consequences
The Sources and Audience of the Trinity Homilies
Lawrence Hill reading
Persians on the Euphrates? Material Culture & Elite Identity in the Achaemenid Tombs from Hacinebi, Turkey
Fair or Unfair? A Discussion of Proposed Changes to the Election Act
Jewish Law in Israel: Law, Religion, and State
Futurism and the Catholic Church: From Anticlericalism to Sacred Art
Traditional Knowledge, Applied Research, and Professionalizing Anthropology
A Celebration of Early Modern Studies
Bringing Protest Politics to Capitol Hill: Rethinking the 1970s through the Career of Outsider Politician NY Representative Bella Abzug
Language and Identity
The Art of Biography
Translating Ourselves: Mendelssohn's 'Living Script'
Islam is a Foreign Country: Global Muslim Pedagogical Networks and the Crisis of Authority
Reading for Gender in Jewish Philosophy
Le français au Canada
The Other Ozymandias: Romanticism and Bibliomania
Translating (France, 2011)
Motivating Language Learners with Recreational Linguistics
Echoes of the Shahnama in Mediaeval Persian Historiography
Hungary 1944: The Fate of the Jews and the Roma
'that's malarkey, but it's very important malarkey': Unpacking the Nixon-Kissinger World View and Emotional Community During the Vietnam War Moment, 1969-1973
Building Bridges Instead of Walls: Violence, Conflict and International Intervention
Politics of Secularism 1: Women and Religion
Open Government Leadership: Opportunities & Challenges for the Profession
When is a 'Christian' Medieval and Early Modern European Text a 'Jewish' Text?
Food Documentary Master Class
Wanting What is Fair: How Party Cues and Information about Income Inequality Affect Public Support for Taxes
Where Does the Political End and the Theological Begin? An Examination of the Political Theology of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
Neo-Fascist or Revolutionary Leftist: Intergenerational Transmission and Political Choice of Activists in the Anni di Piombo
Seeking the Context of Fine Metalwork in Early Medieval Ireland: Provenance, Manufacture, and Use
Politics of Secularism 2: Reproductive Futurism
War and Peace: Power Constructs in the Hispanic World
Digital Medieval Studies: Starting your Project
Iran-China's Expanding Relations: Strategic Dimensions
Toronto and the Book
Semantic Uniformity and Diversity: Evidence from the Pacific Northwest
Anglo-Persian Taxonomies of Indian Religions
Politics of Secularism 3: Indeterminacy
Foundations of the American Century: The Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller Foundations in the Rise of American Power
The Afterlife of Images in China and India
Yiddish on the Battlefields of Spain: Memory, Travel, and War Reportage
Eschatology and Slavery: David Nassy and Jewish Colonization in 17th-century Suriname
The Moral Significance of Shareholders

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