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<< March 2017 >>
CALL FOR PAPERS - From Cosmopolitans to Cosmopolitanisms
Social Changes and Public Opinion in Central Asia
Driving the Demons Away: The Motif of Idol Destruction in Byzantine Art
Artes Expansivas: Dialogue and Cultural Production in Mexico, 21st C
Papers and Leaves -- Legacy of Indian Buddhists in Tibet and Tibetan Translators in India
Mortal Doubt: Maras and Murder in Post-War Guatemala
Crypto-Jewish practices of a conversa in fifteenth-century Majorca: the proceso and prayers of Esclaramuna Pardo
Theatricalities: Voicing, Embodiment, and the Ecbasis Captivi
The Jewish Son: Bertolt Brecht, George Tabori, and Holocaust Theatre
Studying the Past Through Technology
Ambient Memory
The Early Cult of Thomas Aquinas in Southern Italy
Comparing Canada(s) - Comparer le(s) Canada(s) - 2017
From quaint to cool: 150 Years of Language Change in Toronto
Art? Or Theft? A Closer Look at Appropriation Art & the Law
Pipelines, Paris, and Decarbonization: The Future of Canadian Energy and Climate Policy
By the Shortest Path': Sailing with Mathematical Rules at Dieppe, 1675
Buddhist Law in Burma: A History of Dhammasattha Texts and Jurisprudence, c. 1250-1850 CE
Magnum iocum dare: Literature as Play in the Eleventh Century
Philosophies of Flavian Literature Workshop
Return To Innocence - The Taiwanese Amis and the Work To Return, Recover and Reclaim Their Heritage
Synesthesia Art Exhibit
Reproduction and Its Discontents in Mexico: Childbirth and Contraception from 1750 to 1905
Towards a Law of Transnational Responsibility
Keeping Track of Time in the Ancient World
Cities, Immigrant Diversity and Complex Problem Solving
Nisht mir, nisht dir: The Evolution of Hasidic Yiddish in New York
'Frontier City' | Book Launch & Panel with Shawn Micallef
Rococophilia: The Eighteenth Century and British Modernism
The Financialization of Universities: Institutional Transparency and Accountability in the Age of "The Art of the Deal"
Centre for Ethics - Andrew March
New Narratives of Sexual Citizenship: SOGI Refugees and Homonationalism in Canada
Publishing Hildegard: The Creation and Circulation of the Pentachronon in the Thirteenth Century
Women's Holocaust Narratives
Not-A-Woman--A Romance
Time and the Calendar in Babylonian Astrology
Transformation Across Time and Space: The Near and Middle East in Context
Philosophy Colloquium - Lucy Allais
Berlin, Book Vending Machines and God's Busted Knee: An Author Visit
The Ethics of Fake News
The Secret Arts and the Art of Secrets: A symposium exploring the relationship between Art and Esotericism
Stories for Women and Their Men
The Uncanny Domestic
Green Japan: Combining Technological Innovation, Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability
Women and Words
Ethics & Film: The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975
Approaches to Harmonizing the Moon and Sun in Calendars Across the Ancient Near East
Medieval Ethiopia: A Colloquium
Blaxploitalian 100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema
Form, Function, Intent: Materiality and the Codification of Knowledge
Theapathy: On Simply Not Caring About God
Monsters as Images and Images as Monsters in the Late Renaissance
Humanomics: A Better Plan for the Social Sciences
The Irish Origins of Canadian Confederation: A Slightly Twisted Perspective
How Guestworker Programs are Made: The U.S.-Ontario Tobacco Worker Movement, 1920s-1960s
Understanding the Process of Moralization: How Eating Meat Becomes a Moral Issue
*CANCELLED* Solitude Lost
Shielding the Mountains: Cultures of Nature in Tibet
The Ethics of Legal Fictions
Hong Kong Stories -- A Historical Perspective
Return to China or Taiwan?: The Korean War Hijacked by Prisoners
Going West and Going Out: Discourse, migrants and models in Chinese development
Vox diabolica est: A Polemical Attack on the Speculum Simplicium Animarum from a Fifteenth-Century Codex
Resettlement of North Korean Migrants in South Korea
*CANCELLED* Freedom from Facts
The Ethics of Lawyering in Sexual Assault Cases
Thinking about China's Past and Future In the Globally Unsettling Present
The Contribution of the Phoenicians to Medieval and Renaissance Medicine
Shaftesbury und die Deutschen
Familiarity Breeds Contempt: Why Fascination, Rather than Repeat Exposure, Better Explains the Appeal of Antiheroes on TV
*CANCELLED* The Cobweb
Early Modern Interdisciplinary Graduate Forum VI
The Textual Tradition of Boethius' First 'Perihermeneias' Commentary: From Cassiodorus to Alcuin
The New Nature of Democracy
Caste, Class and Capital: The Social and Political Origins of Economic Policy in India
The Age of Three Emperors: The Direction of US Foreign Policy and the Future of US-Japan Relations
We Are The Land
Film Screening: Highway of Tears
"Mohawk Girls" Episode Screening + Q & A with Cast Members
Film Screening: Colonization Road
Theologians in a Jurist's Robe: Relations between Theology and Law in the Judaeo-Islamic Milieu
What's Anti-Racism Good for Now? - IDERD Conference
Artist Talk: Jaime Black on The REDress Project & Conversations with the Land
The Cairo Genizah: The Greatest Medieval Archive?
Indigenous Futurities - Land, Territories, and Belonging
Innovation Policy in International Perspective
Distant Reading and the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Glyphing Decolonial Love in Tkaronto
We Are The Land - Live Performance Piece
Monastic Reform and Statute in the Late Middle Ages: the Celestine Constitutions and the Minim Rule
Writing the Commune: The Lived and the Conceived
We Are The Land - Closing Reception
Imperial Landscapes: Empires, Societies, and Environments in the Ancient to Modern Nile Delta
The Double: Dubbing Western Films in the Soviet Union
From Belleville to Notre-Dame-des-Landes: Today's Communal Imaginary
The Conquest of Mexico in an Unknown Epic of the Late Cinquecento
Reading Revolution: Then and Now
The Attention Merchants
Experiencing Exclusion: Book History after Inquisition
The Playlist
The West in search of its identity in three simultaneous states of mind: Pre-modern, modern and post-modern
Campus (Re)Conciliation: First Listenings
Affective Piety
A Century of Ukrainian Statehoods: 1917 and Beyond - DAY 1
Legal Ethics in the Age of Law & Tech
Forget Chineseness: On the Geopolitics of Cultural Identification
Anthropology Colloquium - Robert Bernasconi
Ethics & Film: The Act of Killing
Religion and the Modern Self: Discussing J. Barton Scott's Spiritual Despots
all our days are full of breath: a record of momentum
Life After Genocide: From Recognition to Reparation
A Century of Ukrainian Statehoods: 1917 and Beyond - DAY 1
Artificial Intelligence, Technology and the Future of Law
Revolutionary Time Symposium
Learning to Steer: Reflections and Progress on Reducing Urban GHG Emissions
Research Day
Anxieties in Conflict: The Tale of Anna del Monte
Putin's War Against Ukraine
'Never to Look Back': Zionism's Enduring Passion for Science and Technology
Learning the Logic of Inquiry: Undergraduates in the Research Intensive University
The Specificities of Indigenous Spaces at U of T
Turmoil in Turkey: The Aftermath of the Failed Coup
How to do Things with Books - VENUE CHANGE
The Pale King and the "Cowboys of Information"
Martin Luther, the Ninety-five Theses and the Invention of the Reformation
Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey Film and Talkback
Crying Foul vs. Just Crying: On the Role of Instrumental Goals in Moral Struggles
Red Africa
Artes expansivas: dialogo y produccion cultural en Mexico, siglo XXI
The Sensualist, an Extra-ordinary Reading Experience: a Book and a Montage
Uncovering Interactions between Visual and Verbal Media
Spirit Possession as Buddhist Vocation: Debates over Piety, Devotion and Charisma in Modern Thai Buddhism
On Difficulty: Botho Strauss, the Two Cultures, and Evolutionism
I and I Survive: Film Blackness and Contemporary Cinema
Liberty and Grace: A Dialogue between St. Augustine and Dante
Isaac Julien: Artist's Talk
Cineforum Screening:The Field

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