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<< March 2018 >>
Anti-Prison Theory: The Limits of Functional Critique
Emotions in Foreign Language Learning
Jes Sasche, artist-in-residence workshop
Emily Baxter, We Are All Criminals
Developing a Lesbian Gaze in late 1960s Japan: An Examination of the Photos and Writing of Kiyooka Sumiko
"We Shouldn't Make Any More Of Them": Intermediality, American Series Media, And Comet Productions (1946 - 1947)
"A vivid image" On poetry and the visual arts in the Middle Ages
Disciplines of Attention in a Secular Age
Slavery and the History of the Book in America
Mapping Memory: Public Space as Archive
Local Public Finance and Coastal Climate Adaptation
Film Screening:Rhymes for Young Ghouls
Searching for Truth in the Transitional Justice Movement: Lessons from the Balkans and Colombia
The socially responsive university: knowledge democracy and community engagement
Collecting and Display in Early Modern Europe
Heritage and Cultural Walking Tour: The Grange
Walking Methodologies in a More-than-Human World: Book Launch
Chinese-Canadian Connections: Investments in Real Estate
Out of the Ashes: Recovered Sources on Greek Jews in Auschwitz
Metamorphic Bodies in the Renaissance: Transforming Shapes
Our Continuing Relationship with the Humber River, An Evening with Balance Bringers, Drawing With Knives and Eventual Ashes
What does race mean in Latin America in the 21st century?
Digital Humanities and Computational Sciences Conference
Re-storying Indigenous Geographies: a story of urban Ainu migration in comparative context
Finding Language: A Word Scavenger Hunt
On the Importance of Wolves
I Read Therefore I Am: Aspects of Reading in the Renaissance
Eminent Victorians of Toronto - Casimir Gzowski
Killam Program - Imagining New Frontiers: Celebrating 50 Years of Groundbreaking Research
The Viaticum of Constantine the African: Manuscript Puzzles and Editorial Prospects
Power by the People: Why Law-Abiding Citizens Support Criminal Organizations
Putting Faith in Hate: When Religion Is the Source or Target of Hate Speech
Metamorphic Bodies in the Renaissance: Identity Changes
Facts Stranger Than Fiction: Michael Wolff talks at U of T about reporting from inside the Trump White House
Near Eastern and Aegean Interaction during the Early First Millennium BCE
International Women's Day ~ Conversation for Change: Women's Rights and Health Trajectories
Explaining China's Great Transformation: The Solution to the "Blind Men & Elephant" Problem
Global Secular Stagnation: Keynes, Schumpeter, or Veblen?
Inviting the Yaksa of Great Peace: Text and Image in the Dali-Kingdom
"A vivid image" On poetry and the visual arts in the Middle Ages
Domestic Individuality and Collective Interiority in Early Colonial Korea
The Return: A documentary by Adam Zucker
The Art of Passage: Transnational Encounters and the Convergence of Cultures
Short Films
Global Red Power: Fanon and Mao on Turtle Island
Nineteenth-Century Time Symposium
Running with Concepts: The Empathic Edition
Who Killed Spalding Gray?
A Plan, a Testimony, and a Digital Map: Analyzing the Architecture of the Holocaust
Winners, Wasters, and the Shadow of Envy: Theories of Justice and the Scene of Medieval Literature
Impunity as State Formation: A New History of Post-Absolutist Thailand
Shakespeare and Ecology: English Early Modern Environmental History in the Anthropocene
The Ephemeral Dramas of Diasporic Encounters in Toronto Theatres
The End of Knowledge - Facts (F.E.L. Priestley Memorial Lectures in the History of Ideas)
Ethics & Film: The Second Mother
The Algebra of Partiality
Countering the Digital Consensus: The Political Economy of the Smart City (Ethics in the City Series)
Buccal Intimacies: Face to Face with Ann Hamilton
The End of Knowledge - Numbers (F.E.L. Priestley Memorial Lectures in the History of Ideas)
Typography and the Linguistic Picturesque
Early Modern Interdisciplinary Graduate Forum VII
Trust in Dialogue. Concepts of Language and the Inclusion of the Stranger in the German-Jewish Context of the 19th and 20th Century
"A vivid image" On poetry and the visual arts in the Middle Ages
The End of Knowledge - Data (F.E.L. Priestley Memorial Lectures in the History of Ideas)
Revealing the Renaissance: (De)constructing Early Modern Identities
INDePth Conference 2018: Asian Cities
The Science and Ethics of Moral Enhancement
Stephen Orgel & The Musicians in Ordinary: "Comus and Some Others"
Not Yet: Indigeneity, Antiblackness, and Anticolonial Liberation
State Violence and Indigenous Resistance Film Screening Series - "Just Dandy" & "Misadventures of Pussy Boy"
Mapping Jihad-ly: Jurisdictional Encounters in Medieval Islamic Law
Temporalities of Israel/Palestine: History, Culture, and the Politics of Time
?elexee Eghalets'eda (Learning Together): Advancing Sustainable Conservation Strategies Through Cross-Cultural Collaboration
The Great Inquisitor and the Little Grey Men: Two Ways of Thinking Political Domination
Ethical Algorithms: Bias and Explainability in Machine Learning Systems
I will explain in person
Building Cities Better, Building Better Cities: Are We Building Smart Cities on Dumb Information Systems?
Althings Viking : a Roundtable Open Meeting
Cities and the Future of the Environmental Movement: Lessons from Toronto City Hall
MENA Women: From Street Protest to Online Activism
Why Statistics Should be Taught as Ethics, Not Math
The Black Experience Project
From Real Time to Cryptopresence: Big Art Group's Performance Strategies
From Real Time Film to Cryptopresence: Big Art Group's Performance Strategies
"A vivid image" On poetry and the visual arts in the Middle Ages
The Aesthetics of Crisis: Art, Writing & the Politics of Being
Ottoman Culture Seminar
How did Early Medieval Historians Use Their Sources?
The Ethics of Counting
Stitching the Global in an Age of Empires: Contact, Connection, and Translation in Needlework Arts, c. 1600-1880s
Making Policy Count: The Social Implications of Data-Driven Decision-Making
The Prague School Today: Rethinking Performance in Contemporary Context
On Slavery and Sensibility
Leadership and Empowerment: Asian Women in the 21st Century
Putting the Postcolonial into the Trentes Glorieuses: Bidonvilles, the Autoroute A8 and the Aeroport Nice-Cote d'Azur
Land-Based Education Panel Discussion
Youth Politics and Activism in East Asia: Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong
Book Talk: The Killing Season: A History of the Indonesian Massacres, 1965-66
Reverse Engineering Common Sense in the Human Mind and Brain
Ethics of AI Film Series: Her
A Confusion of Printers: The Press in the English Reformation
Readership and Authorship (International Seminar on Critical Approaches to Dante)
Crime at the Limits of Sovereignty
Building Greek Orthodox Christian Churches in Late Ottoman Cappadocia
On Fashion, Feeling, and Time: Filipino Couture and the Work of the Global
The River, the Plain, and the State: An Environmental Drama in Northern Song China, 1048-1128
Disseminating Knowledge of Venereal Disease: Body Politics in Eighteenth-Century Russia
From Interlocutor to Painter: Rabindranath Tagore and Modern Indian Art

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