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<< October 2016 >>
Sounding the Inner Ear of Performance
Ancient Near Eastern Archives: Dealing with Incomplete Datasets
Against supersessionist thinking: old and new, Jews and postcolonialism, the ghetto and diaspora
On the Survival of Humanity
Buddhism, Constitutionalism and the Limits of Law
Flow Writing, Planned Writing, Puzzle Writing: Why Adept Writers Use Multiple Writing Strategies
Derechos Humanos en Chile (In Spanish)
Philosophy Ethics and Political Group Talk - Johann Frick
From Corrupt Sinners to Contagious Strangers: Plague in Late Medieval Valencia
Mimesis on Trial: Realism and Inquest in Boccaccio's Decameron
Subsequent Medeas: Tragedy's Next Audiences
Normativity in Language Conference
Cohen's Idealism
The Common European Framework of Reference: Development, Innovative Aspects, Implications for Teaching, Current Developments"
Build the Wall: Donald Trump, American Populism, and the Question of Latino Migration
The Dictator's Dilema: The Chinese Communist Party's Strategy for Survival
Poetry Reading
Banning Muslims? Explaining Xenophobia and Islam in Europe and the U.S.
Agnotological Challenges: How to Produce Ignorance Convincingly
Confluences, Connections, and Correspondences: Music and Visual Culture Conference
Getting Respect: Responding to Stigma and Discrimination in the United States, Brazil, and Israel
Philosophy Ethics and Political Group Talk - Sharon Street
Making (Theoretical) Sense of Philippe de Vitry's Tuba/In arboris
Call for Papers - Comparing Canada(s)
Collusions of Fact and Fiction
Indigenous People and the Legitimacy of Criminal Justice in Canada
History of Philosophy Group Talk - Kris McDaniel
Friday Workshop: Sarah Beam
On the Eve of the Reformation
Myanmar's Historic Election: One Year Later
CANCELLED - Urbs Nullius: Gentrification and/as Settler-Colonialism
Le role social et civique de l'historien
Truth and Reconciliation Today: Three Stories SOLD OUT
Shifting Paradigms: De-Pathologizing Alzheimer's Disease in Canada and Israel through Education, Arts and Creativity
Hobbes on sovereignty and the unity of the state
The Worm and the Book: Making and sustaining digital archives
Keith Hennessy: Performance Lecture
The Holocaust in Caribbean Literature and Art
Philosophy Job Talk - Zac Irving
Cooperation between Poles, Jews, and Ukrainians in Lviv during WWII
Wretched Girls, Wretched Boys, and the Medieval Origins of the European Marriage Pattern
Realizing the Promise of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
The Bays - Advancing Sydney's Global Competitiveness through Waterfront Renewal
Sex, Ethics, and Publics
On the Peripheries of the Reformation: The View from Then and Now
Generator Life
CANCELLED - Dust, between Life and Death: Reflections on the Materiality of Media
Dawn of the Vinelords: Wine and Capitalism in Colonial Algeria
Reconciliation in Canada in the Context of Education and Justice
Spain in Our Hearts: Americans in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
Voltaire and the Radical Enlightenment
Leonardo and the Representation of Nature
Simon Lectures (1) - Why Worry about Future Generations?
The Composer as a Curator: Following John Cage's Composition for Museum
John Shearman's Leonardo
A New History of Vietnam? Questions of Colonialism, Collaboration, and Periodization
Simon Lectures (2) - Reasons to Worry: Valuation and Reciprocity
"They have mouths, and speak not": The depiction of pagan idols in Byzantine art
What Ukrainians and Jews Know and What They Do Not Know about One Another
Vasari versus Vasari
Floyd Favel NpC Workshops
Reza Khota Quintet in Concert
Camoes world journey - Love, poetry and Portugal
Simon Lectures (3) - Conservatism, Temporal Bias, and Future Generations
The Look of Silence Screening
Jews and Ukrainians: A Millennium of Co-Existence
Old Father, Old Artificer: Reading Yeats and Joyce
Early Modern Interdisciplinary Graduate Forum II
The Afterlife of Fieldnotes
What's so funny? Laughter and Anger in the Time of the Assassins
Morality at the Margins. Youth, language, and Islam in Coastal Kenya
After the land grab: Infrastructural violence and the mafia system in Indonesia's oil palm plantation zone
Vasari's life of Piero di Cosimo
Native Martyrs in the Early Modern Spanish World
How Free France Mattered to Africans, 1940-1943
Empire, Colonialism, and Famine in Comparative Historical Perspective
Idealizing Humanitas in Cicero's De Oratore, or, why Herbert O. Morrison was wrong
Lecture Demonstration with Poundmaker Cree Playwright
Foucault in Iran: Islamic Revolution after the Enlightenment
"Religious Suicide" and the Limits of Indian Secularism
Funny Looking: Thoughts on Jewish Visual Humour

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