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<< October 2017 >>
History in the Era of 'Fake News'
U. S. Economic Strategy in Asia in the Trump Era: From Pivot to About-Face?
Ethics & Film: Weiner
Why Dissent Matters
Finding the Third Way
The Land is Full: Addressing Israel's Population Challenge
Event, Metaphor, Memory: a Workshop with Dr. Shahid Amin
2017 Erasmus Lecture: The Renaissance Englishing of Medieval Auctoritas
Migrant and Muslim in Trump's America: From Street Protests to Court Battles
The nature of consciousness: will it be possible to make conscious robots?
Beyond Wilderness: Modern Architectures in Canada
MADlab Workshop: Legal Dos & Don'ts for Startups
Conquest and Community: Historical Writing in Troubled Times
The Place of the Baltic in the French Atlantic Empire
Wives, Intellectuals, and Ascetics: the Braham scholar household in early-modern India
Home Is Where the Heart Is: A Story of Emigration from Serbia to the EU
From the Court of the Kings to the Court of the Prophets: A New Inquiry into Abravanel's Historicization of the Bible
IIIF Showcase - Toronto
Fear and Loathing in Gringo Gulch: Gender, sexuality, and lifestyle migration
Nature in Giles of Rome's On Ecclesiastical Power
Jihadist Violence and Security Markets: A Celebration of Award-Winning Research
Trauma, Invisibility, and the Arts
Permanently Under Construction: Canadian Nation Building and Immigration
The Thought-Experimental Method: Avicenna's Flying Man Argument
On Cultural Relativism: Forced Marriage and 'Honor' Killings in London, UK
Reviving Baroque Opera from the Manuscript to the Stage: Alessandro Stradella's La Doriclea
Fascist Empire Cinema: From History to Film and Back Again
Scribbling for a Living: Hart Hanson Book Launch
Social Justice (for Jeantel, Trayvon et al.): Fighting Dialect prejudice in Courtrooms and Beyond
No One Eats Alone: Food As Social Enterprise
Bankers and Empire: How Wall Street Colonized the Caribbean
Pirandello's "L'uomo dal fiore in bocca"
Offstream: Minority and Popular Cultures
Eleventh Annual Conference of the Leibniz Society of North America
Alexander and Averroes on the Uses of Dialectic
Giorni Felici (Happy Days)
A Conversation with Nicoletta Braschi
Is the Jewish Enlightenment (Haskalah) a Useful Symbol of how Religions Become Modern?
The Seven Grandmothers: Indigenous Law: Treaties, Love and Truth
CRRS Early Modern Interdisciplinary Graduate Forum II
AI in Medicine: Hopes? Nightmares?
The Seven Grandmothers: Ethics: Aboriginal Rights, Bravery and Humility
Film Screening - Tu Ridi (You Laugh)
Ethics & Film: Tangerine
From Cosmopolitans to Cosmopolitanisms
Policing Civility in Public Space
A missed encounter in 1787 : Science and Patronage in a cross-channel perspective
Menschenwurde: ein Begriff der Aufklarung
The Seven Grandmothers: Canada's Constitution: Wisdom, Honesty & Respect
The Family Camera: The Making of an Exhibition
Digital and Mixed Reality Performance - Meet and Greet
Radical Black Political Thought in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Dreaming Dharma's Decline: The Ten Dreams of King Krikin and Other Prophetic Dream Texts
Acting (in) Calabrian: Tony Nardi's 1990 production of A Modo Suo (A Fable)
Eugenics, Racial Science and Nazi Biopolitics
CALL FOR PAPERS: Comparative Literature Conference
The Ethics of Apology: Interdisciplinary & International Perspectives
Gold or Iron? Comparing the Production and Uses of Metals in the Andres and Sub-Saharan African before 1500
Apologies as Remedies/Apologies as Weapons
Talk by Professor Fiona Somerset
CALL FOR PAPERS: Rejection - an experiential exploration threw the politics and poetics of the outcast
Disability in the Roman Digest
Early Dali: Paintings and Drawings from the Cus? Collection
Faire de l'histoire est-il anachronique ? A propos d'un travail sur le 17 juillet 1791 realise avec Dominique Cabrera
A Plea for Moderate Optimisation: On the Structure of Constitutional Principles as Interpersonal Reasons
Penser et montrer les emotions revolutionnaires
Fire, Siege, and the Jews: Real and Imagined Threats to Water Supply in the Late Medieval City
What can we learn from Derrida today?
Sobey Art Award Shortlist Panel Talk
PIMS First Interdisciplinary Research Seminar
Ethnographies in/of the Law
Written in Wood: Visual Narratives with a Canadian Cut
Les emotions politiques : le corps social en mouvement
Medical, Legal and Ethical Definitions of Futility
Spinoza and our Ontological Demotion
Make-Believe Empire: Fort Ord's Mock Vietnamese Village and the Embedding of the US Military in Popular Culture, 1945-1969
Author Meets Critics: Alan Brudner
Moderated Round Table: Italian Canadian Playwrights Speak
Igniting the Internet: South Korea's Internet-Born Protests and Popular Politics, 2002 to 2017
The Owl and the Rooster: Hegel's Transformative Political Science (Cambridge 2017)
Resolving the Venezuelan Crisis: Following the meeting of the Lima Group of Foreign Ministers in Toronto
The Future of an Immigrant Past: Italians in Canada Since Confederation
Book Launch: Invisible No More
Advance screening of "Alias Grace" final episode with Mary Harron & Sarah Polley
Judgement, Relationality, Care: A Celebration of the Work of Jennifer Nedelsky
Digital and Mixed Reality Performance - Workshop on Transmedia Performance Creation
Indigenous Roots and Routes, along the Humber River
China: The Dragon's Decade
The 20th-Century Emergence of Modern Habad-Lubavitch Hasidism
Ideas from Across the Channel: Post-Reformation English Catholicism through the Lens of Printed Texts

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