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<< November 2016 >>
Tough Rides: India
Building Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia: Case Studies from Cambodia and Thailand
How literacy has in historical terms distinguished Ethiopia from all other regions of sub-Saharan Africa
Liberalism, Commodification, and Justice
John Wallis at 400: a workshop on Science, Mathematics, and Religion in 17th-c. England
Speculative Urbanization in Korea/Asia: People, Power, and Politics
Cistercians, Mendicants and Secular Masters: Hildegardian Apocalypticism in the Thirteenth Century
Between Clay and Papyrus: the Acquisition and Use of Cuneiform Writing in Egypt
Mean Dreams
Kritik des reinen Judentums: Saul Aschers Confessio Judaica
International Authors' Rights and the Uncoordinated Public Domain
Let Us Compare Mythologies
Philosophy of Criminal Procedure Conference
The Politics of Shari'a Law: Islamist Activists and the State in Democratizing Indonesia
At the Edge of Assistance: The Social Life of Transnational Care in El Salvador
Asia Sitings/Citing Asias
Legacy Symposium for Young Professionals
Dispositif de la relativisation. Le socle h?rodot?en de l'anthopologie pr?moderne
The Future of Holocaust Survivor Testimony
Interdependence: Beyond the Binaries
Borders, Diaspora and Legal Ghosts
Helping the Jews in German-occupied Poland: Zegota and Others
Empires and the Idea of Culture
People, Place and Possibility: Cities and the Humanities and Social Sciences
Community Safety, Insecurity, and Radicalization: Holocaust Memory and Education in the 21st Century
The Development of 'Observant' Religious Reform in the Late Medieval Francophone West: the French Celestines and their World c. 1350-1450
Leonard Cohen's Beautiful Losers, Fifty Years On: Blasphemy as Treason, Passion as Revolution
CANCELLED - Garth Greenwell
Decomposition, Poetry in a Time of War
What Do Germans Talk About When They Talk About Genocide?
'Tell Me Where is Fancy Bred?' History of Emotions and Medieval Emotions
Erasmus and His Amanuenses
The Orlando Furioso from Print to Digital
Gender Transformations in Sinophone Taiwan
Identifying Functional Adaptation to High-Altitude Hypoxia
Magnificent Men (and Women) in their Flying Machines: A New Approach to Exhibiting the First World War Air War
Revolutions in Indology
Rites of Passage Film Screening
Indigenous Mobilization and Environmental Justice in Canada
The Nature of 'Arte': Cavalcanti and Giotto between Dante and Boccaccio
The Challenge of Translating the Bible
Obligations Under non-Ideal Circumstances: The Case of Tenure-line Professors
A Good City? Toronto Tensions: Exploring the Legacy of Jane Jacobs
Imagining a Literary Life: Dryden dwells among Moderns and Ancients
In Conversation with Jameel Jaffer: Drones, targeted killings and state secrets
Constitutional Animal Protection
Meet and Greet with Dr. Helen Freshwater
New Trends in Early Modern Humanities
Spain 2016: A European Democracy Falling Apart?
Transatlantic Celebrity, Theatrical Networks, and English-Canadian Actresses, 1890-1920
Contractualism and the Non-Identity Problem: A Reassessment
Saving Lives and Statistical Deaths
Swept Away: Memories of the 1966 Florence Flood
Reorientating European Imperialism: How Ottomanism Went Global
Key Note Address with Dr. Helen Freshwater
Reputation and Rehabilitation: Panel Discussion on a Right to Be Forgotten for Canada's Convicted Criminals
Polish Narratives after 1989: A Case of Postcolonial Disavowal
Disrupting Ideology: Social Meaning and Social Movements
World Philosophy Day
Pre-Modern Research Symposium
Fichte's Ethical Thought: A Symposium
Seeking Truth and Hiding Facts: Information, Ideology, and Authoritarian Rule in China
What Were They Fighting For? German Mentalities in the Second World War
Wood, Stone, Flesh: Netherlandish Sixteenth Century Sculpture and its Social Resonance
Language in Motion: Editing, Translating and Adapting Theoretical Writing on Language
A Dialogue on a Common Future: Social, Demographic, and Political Changes in East Asia
New Research on Technology Change in Early Gansu: The 2016 Season of the Tao River Archaeology Project
Le Tombeau du martyr juif inconnu and Jewish Memory of Deportation after the Second World War
Representations of Anishinaabe Land: Art and the Anishinaabe Language
Sinti, Roma, Jews, and Turks: The Life and Work of Gilad Margalit
Legacies of Violence, Memories of Suffering: The Life and Work of Gilad Margalit
HER(s): A video screening
My Egg Boy directed by Fu Tien-Yu
The Reception and Transformation of Greek Astronomy in Islamic Civilization
Cold War Ruins: Transpacific Critique of American Justice and Japanese War Crimes
The War Scare That Wasn't: Able Archer and the Myths of the Second Cold War
Before 1948: Muslim-Jewish Co-existence in the Modern Arab World, from Morocco to Iraq
Another Pre-Modern North: Navigating with Inuit Cultures
Private Wrongs
Three Seismic Shifts in the Global Economy and Japan as a Spearhead of the Change
Settler Modernity's Temporal and Spatial Exceptions: Debt Imperialism, the U.S. POW Camp, and Militarism in Asia and the Pacific
Slavery in Sixteenth-Century Aleppo
East West Street: Personal Stories about Life and Law
Catalytic Governance: Leading Change in the Information Age
The Crisis of Postnationalism
'The Prison in Twelve Landscapes' with Filmmaker, Brett Story
Psychoanalysis and Mysticism: Friends or Foes?
Neurohumanities & Cognitive Literary Studies: The Example of Empathic Reading
The Significance of the Holocaust and Antisemitism on Europe's Margins: Muslims, Jews, and Colonial Rule during World War II
Appropriate Responses to the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Early Modern Interdisciplinary Graduate Forum III
Magical Objects
Unrecorded Spirits: At the End of the Mayan Calendar
Gendered Mobilities in the Making: Moving from a Pedestrian to Vehicular Mobility Regime in Shimshal, Pakistan
"Project Marie": Policing Sexuality in Law, Ethics, Policy
Fighting Islamophobia: The New Human Rights Battle of 2017
Self-determination and the Rise of Youth Power in Hong Kong
Breaking it Down: The Politics of Inclusion in the U.S. Election
850,000 Refugees? Explaining the Flight of Jews from the Muslim World to Israel
Elder Arvol Lookinghorse At UofT
Indigenous Cultures and Mental Health Counselling: Four Directions for Integration with Counselling Psychology
The (In)fertile Valley: Alternative Medicine, Biotechnology, and Life in Silicon Valley
The Very Unrecognizability of the Other": Edith Stein, Judith Butler, and the Challenge of Empathy
The Mind on Paper: Reading, Consciousness and Rationality
Book Launch: Hume's Challenge and the Renewal of Modern Philosophy
Italy Inspires Canada
Reflections on Global Affairs: Is the world really falling apart?
Buchner's Woyzeck
Toxic Encounters, Settler Logics of Elimination, and the Future of a Continent
Egalitarianism for Girls
Urban Education on Indigenous Land
Reich, Rhythm and Repetition: Patterns in Music, Speech and Science
Tracing the Bitter roots of the Sweet Chocolate: Hazardous Child Labour on cocoa farms and Poor cocoa farmers in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire
Who Took the Pictures of the Kishinev Pogrom? The First Atrocity Photographs
Buchner's Woyzeck

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