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Toronto Old English Colloquium

Toronto Old English Colloquium
Centre for Medieval Studies, Room 310 3rd Floor, Lillian Massey Building 125 Queenís Park, Toronto
Time: May 3rd, 9:30 am End: May 3rd, 5:30 pm
Interest Categories: Sociology (FAS), Religion, Study of (FAS), Other, Medieval Studies (FAS), Humanities, Human Geography (UTSC), History (FAS), Historical Studies (UTM), Historical and Cultural Studies (UTSC), English and Drama (UTM), English (UTSC), English (FAS), Comparative Literature (FAS), Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (UTM), Classics (FAS), Arts, Culture and Media (UTSC), Art (FAS), 400-1200
All-Day event featuring numerous Old English scholars.


The Centre for Medieval Studies presents:

Various Scholars including Joyce Hill (University of Leeds) and Andy Orchard (University of Toronto).

Toronto Old English Colloquium.

Session one (9:30-11:00) 

Joyce Hill (University of Leeds): Mapping the Intellectual Landscape: the Risks and Rewards of Source Study

Chair: Sarah Keefer (Trent University)


Session two (11:15-12:45)

Andy Orchard (University of Toronto): The Originality of Andreas

Chair: Robin Norris (Carleton University)


Session three (2:15-3:45)

Peter Buchanan (University of Toronto): The Phoenix: Singularity in Translation

David Wilton (University of Toronto): The Birdhouse in Your Soul: Avian Imagery in the Exeter Book

Chair: Antonette diPaolo Healy (University of Toronto)


Session four (4:00-5:30)

Manish Sharma (Concordia University): The Wanderer's Unhappy Consciousness: Mediating Loss in Anglo-Saxon Literature

Chair: Robin Waugh (Wilfrid Laurier University)


A reception will follow the day's events. All sessions will take place at the Centre for Medieval Studies, Room 310 Please note that all are welcome.

For more information, please contact Megan Cavell (mccavell@gmail.com) or Fabienne Michelet (fabienne.michelet@utoronto.ca), or call the Centre for Medieval Studies at 416-978-4884.


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