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Scientiae: Disciplines of Knowing in the Early Modern World

Scientiae: Disciplines of Knowing in the Early Modern World
91 Charles Street West, Old Victoria College
Time: May 27th, 9:00 am End: May 29th, 5:00 pm
Interest Categories: Science/Technology, Philosophy (UTSC), Philosophy (UTM), Philosophy (FAS), Medicine, Faculty of , History (FAS), History & Philosophy of Science & Technology (FAS), Historical Studies (UTM), Historical and Cultural Studies (UTSC), Critical Theory, 1800-1900, 1500-1800, 1200-1500

Scientiae Toronto 2015

27-29 May 2015, Victoria College, University of Toronto

Keynotes: Anthony Grafton (Princeton) & Peter Dear (Cornell)

The fourth annual international conference on the emergent knowledge practices of the early-modern period (1450-1750) addresses the premise that knowledge during the period of the Scientific Revolution was inherently interdisciplinary, involving complex mixtures of practices and objects which had yet to be separated into their modern “scientific” hierarchies. Our approach is equally wide-ranging, involving Biblical exegesis, art theory, logic, and literary humanism; as well as natural philosophy, alchemy, occult practices, and trade knowledge. Attention is also given to mapping intellectual geographies through the tools of the digital humanities. Our focus is on the subject-matter at hand, rather than on the disciplinary performances by which we access it. Although centred around the emergence of modern natural science, Scientiae is intended for scholars working in any area of early-modern intellectual culture.

For any questions, please contact the conference convenor, James A.T. Lancaster.

Conference website: http://www.scientiae.co.uk.

Click HERE for conference program and registration information.

Download flyer [pdf]

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