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A Cultural History of Work in Antiquity

A Cultural History of Work in Antiquity
125 Queen's Park, Room 220, Lillian Massey Building
Time: Apr 21st, 9:00 am End: Apr 22nd, 5:00 pm
Interest Categories: Humanities, History (FAS), Historical Studies (UTM), Historical and Cultural Studies (UTSC), Classics (FAS), before 400 BCE, 400-1200, 400-1 BCE, 1-400 CE
Conference April 21-22, 2016

The Department of Classics presents

A Cultural History of Work in Antiquity

Eph Lytle, Ben Akrigg, and Seth Bernard have organized this international conference which will feature the following speakers:

* Ben Akrigg (Toronto)
* Seth Bernard (Toronto)
* Sarah Bond (University of Iowa)
* Alain Bresson (University of Chicago)
* Miko Flohr (Universiteit Leiden)
* Zinon Papakonstantinou (University of Illinois at Chicago)
* Robert Sobak (Bowdoin College)
* Philip Sapirstein (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
* Koen Verboven (Universiteit Gent)

The workshop is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC).

University of Toronto, Department of Classics
125 Queen's Park (Lillian Massey Building)
Room LI 220

For further information, please contact: eph.lytle@utoronto.ca



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