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Summer Institute on Spinoza and German Idealism

Summer Institute on Spinoza and German Idealism
170 St. George Street, JHB 418, Jackman Humanities Building
Time: May 16th, 8:00 am End: May 19th, 6:00 pm
Interest Categories: Religion, Study of (FAS), Philosophy (UTSC), Philosophy (UTM), Philosophy (FAS), Jewish Studies, History (FAS), Historical Studies (UTM), Historical and Cultural Studies (UTSC), German (FAS), Critical Theory
Summer Institute

The Department of Philosophy and Centre for Jewish Studies presents

Summer Institute on Spinoza and German Idealism

Eckart Förster (Johns Hopkins University)
Yitzhak Melamed (Johns Hopkins University)

Nick Stang (University of Toronto)
G. Anthony Bruno (University of Toronto Scarborough)

The Department of Philosophy and the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto are pleased to host a one-week intensive summer institute that will take place May 16-20, 2016 (times to be confirmed) and whose theme will be Spinoza and German Idealism. Our keynote presenters will be Eckart Förster (Johns Hopkins University) and Yitzhak Melamed (Johns Hopkins University).

The format of the institute will be a series of seminar-style discussions of primary texts, led by our keynote speakers. Readings will be distributed by PDF in advance of the meeting in Toronto.

Topics to be studied may include:

- Spinoza, Jacobi, and the Pantheismusstreit
- Kant's Critique of Spinoza
- Spinoza, Biblical Faith, and the ‘Religion of Reason'
- Maimon and the Rise of Spinozism in German Idealism
- Spinoza and Mendelssohn's Morgenstunden
- Spinozistic Monism and Hegel's Logic
- Spinoza's Amor Dei Intellectualis and Intellectual Intuition
- The Jewish and Lutheran Background to German Reception of Spinoza
- The Influence Spinoza's Theologico-Political Treatise on 19th C. German Philosophy of Right

For further information, please contact Nick Stang


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