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Before 1948: Muslim-Jewish Co-existence in the Modern Arab World, from Morocco to Iraq

Before 1948: Muslim-Jewish Co-existence in the Modern Arab World, from Morocco to Iraq
170 St. George Street, JHB Room 100
Time: Nov 21st, 4:00 pm End: Nov 21st, 6:00 pm
Interest Categories: Religion, Study of (FAS), Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (FAS), Jewish Studies, History (FAS), Historical Studies (UTM), Historical and Cultural Studies (UTSC), 1900-1950
Talk by Daniel Schroeter, University of Minnesota

The Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies presents The Shoshana Shier Lecture Series

Before 1948: Muslim-Jewish Co-existence in the Modern Arab World, from Morocco to Iraq

Daniel Schroeter, University of Minnesota. Daniel J. Schroeter is professor and the Amos S. Deinard Memorial Chair in Jewish History, Department of History, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He earned his PhD in Near Eastern Studies from The University of Manchester (United Kingdom) in 1984. While in residence at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, Dr. Schroeter conducted research on his project, "Vichy and the Jews of Morocco." His recent lectures and presentations include "Interpreting the Emigration of Moroccan Jews" (Yale University, 2013); "The Changing Landscape of Muslim-Jewish Relations in the Modern Middle East and North Africa" (Leiden University, Netherlands, 2013); "Amazigh, Sephardi, and Arab: On the Origins, History, and Culture of the Jews of Southern Morocco" (Rabat, Morocco, 2013); "Muslim-Jewish Relations, From Iraq to Morocco: History and the Politics of Memory" (University of Central Florida, 2012); and "Vichy in Morocco: The RĂ©sidence, Mohammed V, and His Indigenous Jewish Subjects" (Brown University, 2012). During his time as the Ina Levine Invitational Scholar, Dr. Schroeter researched the position of the Jewish communities in the French and Spanish protectorates of Morocco during World War II after the establishment of the Vichy regime and the enactment of its anti-Jewish policies in the French colonies in North Africa. Legally classified as indigenous subjects of the sultan, a ruler whose power was limited by the French authorities, the Jews of Morocco were caught between the competing interests in the colonial power structure and the Muslim population of the country. Dr. Schroeter examined how the Vichy-instigated Jewish laws challenged the colonial hierarchy, anticipating the emergence of the sultan as national leader and the decolonization of Morocco in the years following the war.

This event is free and open to the public. No registration required. Limited seating. For further information, please contact the please contact the Centre for Jewish Studies at 416 978-1624.

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