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The Ethics of Ethics and Literature

The Ethics of Ethics and Literature
15 Devonshire Place, Room 200, Larkin Building
Time: Feb 7th, 4:00 pm End: Feb 7th, 6:00 pm
Interest Categories: Political Science, Philosophy (UTSC), Philosophy (UTM), Philosophy (FAS), Law, Faculty of , Ethics, English and Drama (UTM), English (UTSC), English (FAS), Comparative Literature (FAS)
Roundtable Discussion

The Centre for Ethics presents

The Ethics of Ethics and Literature

Join an interdisciplinary roundtable discussion of literary ethics to explore questions about the relationship between ethics and literature, such as:
• What is ethical criticism? What's wrong with it? What's right? Can criticism ever not be ethical? Should it (try to) be?
• What's "ethics and literature" about anyway? Does it have a point? Does it need to have one?
• Is ethics and literature, ethics? Or literature? Or ... both? Neither?
• How does "ethics and literature" relate to "law and literature"? Law and literature is often said to come in two flavours: "law in literature" and "law as literature"? What's that distinction about and is there a similar distinction in ethics and literature?
• Does reading make us more ethical? Is reading itself an ethical act? Writing? Translating?

Suggested background reading: (1) Mark Kingwell, The Ethics of Ethics and Literature; (2) Richard Posner, Against Ethical Criticism

• Mark Kingwell, Philosophy, University of Toronto

• Eva-Lynn Jagoe, Latin American & Comparative Literature, University of Toronto
• Vida Panitch, Philosophy, Carleton University; Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto
• Emma Planinc, Political Science, University of Toronto
• Simon Stern, Law & English, University of Toronto; Co-Director, Centre for Innovation Law & Policy

4:15 PM - 06:00 PM
Room 200, Larkin Building
15 Devonshire Place

This event is free an open to all. Registration is not required. For further information, please contact The Centre for Ethics


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