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We Are The Land - Closing Reception

We Are The Land - Closing Reception
45 Willcocks Street, William Doo Auditorium
Time: Mar 22nd, 5:00 pm End: Mar 22nd, 8:00 pm
Interest Categories: Women/Gender, Women & Gender Studies (FAS), Visual Studies (UTM), Indigenous, Drama, Theatre, Performance Studies (FAS), Canada, Arts, Culture and Media (UTSC), Art (FAS), 2000-

The Women & Gender Studies Institute presents

We Are The Land – Jaime Black Artist Residency (March 16th – March 22nd, 2017)

Hosted by the Women & Gender Studies Institute, University of Toronto

Winnipeg – based Métis multidisciplinary artist Jaime Black will be an artist in residency at the University of Toronto, hosted by the Women & Gender Studies Institute (WGSI). Jaime addresses the complexities of history, gender, place, identity, and resistance under settler colonialism through the artistic mediums of photography, sculpture, print, and installation.

Her 2010 installation piece, The REDress Project, can be described as an aesthetic response to the 12,000+ missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls across Turtle Island. The installation comprises the public display of hundreds of red dresses, to create ‘encounters’ with the disappeared and to mark their absence, sparking visceral reactions to their loss. The work aims to create space for public discussion and dialogue around the intersections of racism, misogyny and colonialism that are responsible for the precarious and dangerous position of Indigenous women in Canadian society.

Exploring themes of memory, identity and resilience, Conversations with the Land (2016) activates elements of land art, performance and installation to attend to relationships between the land and the body.  Mobilizing several modalities of creation, Conversations centers remembering and valuing cultural ties to the land.  “In many ways, Conversations with the Land works in contrast to The REDress Project. I wanted to find the places where we are strong, to remember and honour the ties we have to the land. For me the land is where I remember my strength and find connection and healing” (Black, 2016).

WGSI is excited to announce that we will be hosting Jaime Black for an artist residency from March 16th – March 22nd. The residency will feature both The REDress Project and Conversations with the Land. In addition, there will be a number of exciting and important events taking place [PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS].

Not only is this Jaime’s initial showing for the Toronto community, but this residency will  mark the first time that these important pieces have been shown together as one fluid installation.

An official poster/program will be released soon! So keep an eye out!

Contact Information:

Official Email: wearetheland2017@gmail.com

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter- be sure to check back regularly.

Official Twitter: @WeAreTheLandTO

Official Facebook page: @WeAreTheLand2017

Official hashtags: #WeAreTheLandTO #WeAreTheLand2017

Note: Please RSVP to the events on our Facebook event page!


We Are The Land – Official Program

Opening Ceremony/Reception:

When: March 17th from 5:00pm-8:00pm

Where: William Doo Auditorium, New College, 45 Willcocks Street

What: Opening Ceremony/Reception for Jaime Black’s Artist Residency: We Are The Land.

(Featuring: A welcome from Elder/scholar Lee Maracle, Artist Talk by Jaime Black, DJ, family friendly dance party, children`s art table, food from Nish Dish, Silent Auction, and more)


Film Screening: Highway of Tears (followed by Q & A session with Lisa Jackson):

When: March 18th from 6:00pm-9:00pm

Where: University College, Room UC 179 Media Room, 15 King’s College Circle

What: “Highway of Tears” is about the missing or murdered women along a 724 kilometer stretch of highway in northern British Columbia. None of the 18 cold-cases since the 1960’s had been solved, until project E-Pana (a special division of the RCMP) managed to link DNA to Portland drifter, Bobby Jack Fowler with the 1974 murder of 16 year-old hitchhiker, Colleen MacMillen. In Canada, over 1200 Aboriginal women have been reported missing or have been murdered since the 1960s. Viewers will discover what the effects of generational poverty, residential schools, systemic violence, and high unemployment rates have done to First Nations reserves and how they tie in with the missing and murdered women in the Highway of Tears cases.

Followed by Q & A session with Lisa Jackson (Filmmaker).

Official Film Website: http://highwayoftearsfilm.com/


“Mohawk Girls” Episode Screening + Q & A with Cast Members:

When: March 19th from 12:00pm-3:00pm

Where: WGSI Lounge, 40 Willcocks Street

What: In the TV series “Mohawk Girls,” four twenty-something Mohawk women are trying to find their place in the world. And, of course, trying to find love. But in a small world where you or your friends have dated everyone on the rez, or the hot new guy turns out to be your cousin, it ain’t that simple. Torn between family pressure, tradition, obligation and the intoxicating freedom of the “outside world,” this fabulous foursome is on a mission to find happiness… and to find themselves.

Join us for a free episode screening and Q & A session with cast members.

Official TV Series Website: http://aptn.ca/mohawkgirls/


Film Screening: Colonization Road (followed by Q & A session with Jaime Black & Nyla Innuksuk):

When: March 19th from 6:00pm-9:00pm

Where: University College, Room UC 179 Media Room, 15 King’s College Circle

What: In towns throughout Ontario, there are startling reminders of the colonization of Indigenous territories and the displacement of First Nations people. Anishinaabe comedian and activist Ryan McMahon takes us to his hometown of Fort Frances and down its main drag, which is called Colonization Road. Similar streets have similar names in towns and cities across the province, direct reminders of the Public Lands Act of 1853 and its severe impact on First Nations, their treaties and their land in the name of “Canadian settlement.” On his journey through Ontario, McMahon explores the history of these roads, meets with settlers in solidarity and raises significant questions about “reconciliation” and what it means to “decolonize.”

Followed by Q & A session with Jaime Black (Artist/Educator) & Nyla Innuksuk (Artist/Cinematographer).

Official Film Website: http://colonizationroad.com/

Lisa Jackson`s Website: http://lisajackson.ca/

(Film Features: Ryan McMahon, Pam Palmater, Hayden King, Jeff Denis, Cuyler Cotton, Chief Erwin Redsky, Lee Maracle, Teika Newton, Al Hunter, Heidi Bohaker Rod McLeod, Daryl Redsky, Linda Redsky, Janis Redsky, Leanne Simpson, Niigaan Sinclair, Doug Williams, and more).


Artist Talk: Jaime Black on The REDress Project & Conversations with the Land:

When: March 20th from 12:00pm-2:00pm

Where: University College, Room UC 140 Balcony Amphitheatre, 15 King’s College Circle

What: Jaime Black is a Métis multidisciplinary artist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Through the mediums of photography, sculpture, print, and installation she addresses the complexities of history, gender, place, identity, and resistance under settler colonialism. In this artist talk she will be discussing the installations The REDress Project and Conversations with the Land.

Followed by Q & A session with the artist.

(This event is located above the D.G. Ivey Library)


Panel Discussion: Indigenous Futurities – Land, Territories, and Belonging:

When: March 20th from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Where:  William Doo Auditorium, 45 Willcocks Street

What: This panel offers a discussion of cultural productions meaningful to the exercise of decolonial futures. We explore forms of ‘urban glyphing’ as ways to speak about kinstilatory relations of Indigenous cultural producers and expressions of decolonial love. Invited artists and activists will share their rematriative processes of mapping decolonial love in our cities through their chosen artistic forms.

Panel Speakers: Jaime Black, Lisa Jackson, Nyla Innuksuk, Elizabeth LaPensee, and more to be announced soon!

Moderator: Karyn Recollet


Workshop: Glyphing Decolonial Love in Tkaronto:

When: March 21st from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Where: TBA

What: This workshop invites community members, activists, organizers, and those interested in the potentials of mapping- to turn our intentions towards the land and be generative about how we are in love with the Great Lakes, and Tkaronto. What does it mean, perhaps to map kinstillatory futures. This night will involve the creation of ‘maps to tomorrow’ (Mar-abe Ferguson is the Future) through creating star maps of what a radical relationship with land might look like/ what our futures might look like.

(Guest speakers to be announced soon!)


We Are The Land – Live Performance Piece:

When: March 22nd at 12:00pm

Where: Philosopher’s Walk, University of Toronto

What: Jaime Black and the graduate students in Indigenous Decolonial Aesthetics WGSI 1025 will be showcasing a new piece of performance art. More details to come!

(This performance is located outdoors)


Closing Ceremony/Reception:

When: March 22nd from 5:00pm-8:00pm

Where: William Doo Auditorium, 45 Willcocks Street

What: Closing Ceremony/Reception for Jaime Black’s Artist Residency: We Are The Land.

(Featuring: Provocations from Elder /scholar Lee Maracle, Silent Auction, DJ, family friendly dance party, children’s art table, food from Nish Dish, and more)

Note: All of the events are free and open to the public. There will be a designated children`s art table at each event. ASL services will be provided. All of the venues are accessible spaces.

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