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Archaeology of Performance

Archaeology of Performance
JHB 100
Time: Mar 18th, 9:00 am End: Mar 19th, 5:00 pm
Interest Categories: Visual Studies (UTM), Religion, Study of (FAS), Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (FAS), Medieval Studies (FAS), Jewish Studies, Indigenous, History (FAS), History & Philosophy of Science & Technology (FAS), Historical Studies (UTM), Classics (FAS), before 400 BCE, Art (FAS), Architecture, Landscape, Design, Archaeology, Anthropology (UTM), Anthropology (FAS), 400-1 BCE, 1-400 CE
International and interdisciplinary conference

The Jackman Humanities Institute Program for the Arts is pleased to present:


Archaeology of Performance

Conference Schedule
March 18-19, 2011

University of Toronto
Jackman Humanities Building
170 St. George Street, room 100
Convener:  Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner  (University of Toronto)

Friday, March 18, 2011

10:00 – 10:10 am    Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner (University of Toronto):  Welcome and Opening Remarks

10:10 – 11:00 am    Lawrence Coben (University of Pennsylvania):  Performance as Inka Imperial Strategy - Variability Across the Empire

11:00 – 11:40 am    Justin Jennings (Royal Ontario Museum, University of Toronto):  Death and Destruction at La Real:  Mortuary Rituals and Social Change at a Pre-Columbian Site in Southern Peru

11:40 – 12:20 pm    Clemens Reichel (University of Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum): Ideology by Sledgehammer:  Neo-Assyrian Palaces as Ritualized Households

Lunch Break

1:20 – 2:00 pm    Ed Keall (Royal Ontario Museum, University of Toronto):  Standing Stones on the Red Sea Coast of Yemen in the Late Bronze Age

2:00 – 2:40 pm    Thomas Schneider (University of British Columbia):  Did the Egyptian King Perform History?  Reassessing the Egyptological Concept of "History as Festival"

Afternoon Break

3:00 – 3:40 pm    Maria Shaw (University of Toronto):  The Setting of the Bull-leaping Performances at Knossos

3:40 – 4:20 pm    Dimitri Nakassis (University of Toronto):  Think Globally, Act Locally?  Interpreting Ritual Performance in Bronze Age and Classical Greece

4:20 – 5:00 pm    Robyn Gillam (York University):  Embodied Subjects in Past Spaces:  From the Royal Tomb at Amarna and the Temple at Esna to Virtual Reality.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

10:00 – 10:10 am    Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner (University of Toronto):  Opening Remarks

10:10 – 11:00 am    Takeshi Inomata (University of Arizona):  Politics and Theatricality in Maya Society

11:00 – 11:40 am    Edward Swenson (University of Toronto):  Spectacles of Place-Making and Subject Formation in Ancient Peru

11:40 – 12:20 pm    Ramez Boutros (University of Toronto):  Christian Petroglyphs in Reused Pharaonic Monuments:  Notes and Reflections

Lunch Break

1:20 – 2:00 pm    Robert Mason (Royal Ontario Museum, University of Toronto): Poetry, Performance, and Pottery in the Mediaeval Middle East

2:00 – 2:40 pm    Lyn Green (Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities):  Feasting and Dancing as Mechanisms for Group Social Interaction and Negotiation in Ancient Egypt

Afternoon Break

3:00 – 3:40 pm    Ronald Leprohon (University of Toronto):  Performance and Orality in Egyptian Autobiographical Texts

3:40 – 4:20 pm    Katherine Blouin (University of Toronto, Scarborough):  Where Goats have Intercourse with Women.  Sacred Bestiality in Mendes (Nile Delta, Egypt):  Between Representation and Performance

4:20 – 4:30 pm    Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner (University of Toronto):  Concluding Remarks


The event is free and open to the public. No registration is required.

If you are a person with a disability and require accommodation, please contact Kim Yates at (416) 946-0313 to make appropriate arrangements.

Download conference flyer here.

Download program here.

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