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Global Secular Stagnation: Keynes, Schumpeter, or Veblen?

Global Secular Stagnation: Keynes, Schumpeter, or Veblen?
1 Devonshire Place, Room 208N, Munk School of Global Affairs
Time: Mar 8th, 2:00 pm End: Mar 8th, 4:00 pm
Interest Categories: Political Science, 2000-
Talk by Herman Mark Schwartz, University of Virginia

The Department of Political Science presents

Global Secular Stagnation: Keynes, Schumpeter, or Veblen?

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What explains slow growth in the global economy? In this talk, Schwartz looks to Keynes, Schumpeter and Veblen to develop a framework for understanding the sources of slow growth, income inequality, and profit inequality in the information economy. Looking at changes in firm strategy and structure (Veblen) enables us to revise demand side (Keynes) and supply side (Schumpeter) arguments dealing with stagnation in the 1930s continuous flow production economy to fit the new circumstances of the information economy.

Bio: Herman Mark Schwartz is a professor in the Politics department of the University of Virginia and Fulbright Research Chair at Balsillie School for International Affairs, spring 2018. He is the author or co-editor of seven books on economic development, globalization, Denmark’s welfare state, employment policy, the politics of housing finance, the global financial crisis, and, most recently, the geo-politics of the subprime mortgage crisis in *Subprime Nation: American Power, Global Capital and the Housing Bubble*. He has also written over 60 articles and chapters.


Katia Malyuzhinets


Herman Mark Schwartz, University of Virginia

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