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Continuous and Discontinuous Persons: Two Dimensions of Ethical Life

Continuous and Discontinuous Persons: Two Dimensions of Ethical Life
15 Devonshire Place, Room 200
Time: Sep 26th, 3:00 pm End: Sep 26th, 5:00 pm
Interest Categories: Sociology (FAS), Religion, Study of (FAS), Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy (UTSC), Philosophy (UTM), Philosophy (FAS), Ethics, Critical Theory, Anthropology (UTM), Anthropology (FAS), 2000-
Lecture by Michael Lambek, Anthropology, University of Toronto Scarborough

The Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto is pleased to present:

Michael Lambek, Professor of Anthropology and Canada Research Chair, University of Toronto Scarborough

Continuous and Discontinuous Persons: Two Dimensions of Ethical Life

Whereas early liberal thinkers developed the concept of the ethically accountable continuous forensic modern European person in contrast to what they saw as the discontinuous and hence unaccountable mimetic person, Professor Lambek argues that forensic and mimetic are better understood both as ideologies of personhood and as dimensions of all persons rather than as fully distinctive kinds of persons. He presents an account of persons as accountable for their acts but shows that this is not limited to the maximally continuous and autonomous person of liberal ideology. He reviews other forms of personhood encountered cross-culturally and suggests that the mimetic dimension offsets some of the problems inherent in an exclusively forensic model.

The event is free & open to the public.

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