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Memorial for Elisabeth Young-Bruehl

Memorial for Elisabeth Young-Bruehl
7 Hart House Circle, Debates Room
Time: Apr 22nd, 2:00 pm End: Apr 22nd, 4:00 pm
Interest Categories: Women/Gender, Women & Gender Studies (FAS), Visual Studies (UTM), Urban, United States Studies, Spanish & Portuguese (FAS), South Asian, Sociology (FAS), Slavic Studies (FAS), Sexual Diversity, Science/Technology, Religion, Study of (FAS), Psychology, Psychoanalytic, Psychiatry, Political Science, Philosophy (UTSC), Philosophy (UTM), Philosophy (FAS), Other, Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (FAS), Music, Faculty of , Medieval Studies (FAS), Marxist, Linguistics (FAS), Law, Faculty of , Latin American, Language Studies (UTM), Jewish Studies, Italian Studies (FAS), Information, Faculty of, Indigenous, History (FAS), History & Philosophy of Science & Technology (FAS), Historical Studies (UTM), German (FAS), Geography & Planning (FAS), French (FAS), Ethics, Environment, English and Drama (UTM), English (UTSC), English (FAS), Education, East Asian Studies (FAS), Drama, Theatre, Performance Studies (FAS), Diaspora/Transnational, Critical Theory, Criminology, Comparative Literature (FAS), Communications, Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (UTM), Classics (FAS), Cities and Humanities, Cinema, Caribbean, Canada, Book History/Print Culture, before 400 BCE, Art (FAS), Architecture, Landscape, Design, Archaeology, Anthropology (UTM), Anthropology (FAS), African, 400-1200, 400-1 BCE, 2000-, 1950-2000, 1900-1950, 1800-1900, 1500-1800, 1200-1500, 1-400 CE
A celebration of the life of JHI Scholar in Residence Elisabeth Young-Bruehl

The Jackman Humanities Institute invites you to

A Celebration of the Life of Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, 1946-2011

22 April 2012 at 2:00 p.m.

Hart House Debates Room

Elisabeth Young-Bruehl was widely renowned and deeply respected as a philosopher, psychoanalyst, academic, and prolific writer. Her publications include prize-winning biographies of Hannah Arendt and Anna Freud, as well as her latest book, Childism: Confronting Prejudice against Children (Yale UP, 2012).  Her interest in childhood development led her to be actively involved in issues of social justice, as expressed in her blog Who's Afraid of Social Democracy?, and she was also deeply immersed in her new project as General Editor of the Collected Writings of D.W. Winnicott.  Elisabeth's passion for life, friendship, her generosity, and her gifted mind are very much missed.


Please RVSP to JHI Associate Director Kim Yates at (416) 946-0313 or jhi.associate@utoronto.ca

Download flyer [pdf]

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