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Ancient Egyptís Encounters with the West: The Meshwesh

Ancient Egyptís Encounters with the West: The Meshwesh
Room 142, 5 Bancroft Ave
Time: Feb 22nd, 7:00 pm End: Feb 22nd, 9:00 pm
Interest Categories: Sociology (FAS), Political Science, Philosophy (FAS), Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (FAS), Humanities, History (FAS), History & Philosophy of Science & Technology (FAS), Historical Studies (UTM), Historical and Cultural Studies (UTSC), Cities and Humanities, Art (FAS), Archaeology, Anthropology (UTSC), Anthropology (UTM), Anthropology (FAS)
Lecture by Dr. Liam Cooney, National Archives of Canada


The Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities - Toronto Chapter Lecture Series, and the Department for Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations presents:

Dr. Liam Cooney, National Archives of Canada.

Ancient Egypt’s Encounters with the West: The Meshwesh

Lecture Description: From the dawn of egyptian history, the Egyptians refer to contact with groups of people they called "Tjehenu." By the New Kingdom, the Egyptians distinguished between two major Tjehenu groups known as "Rebu" and "Meshwesh" who had been engaged in a prolongued, violent struggle against the Egyptians as depicted by Seti I on the walls of Karnak Temple and by Ramesses III at his mortuary temple at Medinet Habu. This presentation will examine the 2000 year history of Egyptian interaction with the Tjehenu and will attempt to shed some light on the question of who are the Meshwesh?

The SSEA encourages all members of the public to attend our lectures and events and we want to make this easier for people by providing information regarding accessibility of venues for events, and directions to lecture venues. 

About The Speaker: After completing degrees in modern history (Mount Allison University) and near eastern history (University of Toronto), (William) LIAM COONEY recently received his PhD from the University of Durham in the United Kingdom with a focus on the history of Egypt and Libya. Over the last ten years he has worked as an archaeologist on sites in Europe, North Africa and North America and has taught university-level and public-interest courses in history and archaeology. Originally from Vancouver, he is a founding member and past treasurer of the Vancouver Chapter of the Society for the Study of the Egyptian Antiquities. He was Assistant Editor of volume 37 of the JSSEA and is currently a Trustee of the SSEA/SEEA.


This event is free of charge and open to the public. For details please contact the Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilization at (416) 978-3306. For more information, visit the SSEA website. Please contact The SSEA by emailing us at toronto@thessea.org or info@thessea.org, or phoning us at 647-520-4339 if you need directions to get to one of our events, or if you are a person with a disability and require accommodation.



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