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Program for the Arts 15-16

Application Start Date: Feb 15th, 2015, 12:00 am
Application End Date: Apr 7th, 2015, 11:59 pm

Call for Proposals
The Jackman Humanities Institute Program for the Arts, 2015-2016

The Jackman Humanities Institute Program for the Arts supports a range of events from small (up to $3000) to larger (up to $10,000) designed to enhance, improve and raise the profile of the Arts at the University. Activities may include visitors, lecture series, symposia, or other imaginative and arts initiatives, which will serve to foster the work of the Jackman Humanities Institute and to represent the leading scholarship of the humanities at the University of Toronto. Each year there will be a priority for at least one event that engages the wider public. In addition, we also seek proposals for one or more Artist in Residence including a public event, workshops on multiple campuses, some teaching, and arrangements for accommodation. The Program gives priority to activities that range across multiple units and across more than one campus. It does not support activities that are routine matters of the sort that individual academic units would normally fund (e.g. departmental colloquia, learned society meetings, etc.). The Program also has a preference for activities that are related to the 2015-16 theme—Things That Matter—but will consider proposals with other foci.
2015-2016     Things That Matter
Because words are the privileged medium of communication, things have long been characterized as mute. However, a focus on material culture has provided a particularly fruitful field of research in the humanities. Things bear affective, social, cultural, historical, religious, economic, and political meanings and relations. They can be traces of the past, commodities or gifts, symbols of the divine, tools, raw or natural materials, or works of art, furnishings or decorations, or merely be moved out of our way. They provide insights into how people make sense of experience and come together as societies. Whether as relics of ancient cultures or as contemporary commodities, things are at the heart of humanities disciplines. How can we make them talk? What do things tell us about societies and their histories?
Applications are invited from appointed members of the teaching staff at the University of Toronto.
To apply:
A.    You must have an active userID account on the JHI website. 
B.    Complete the online application form (click on Apply Now, below, starting 15 February 2015.)
C.    Upload a description and rationale including fit with 2015-16 theme (500 words).
D.    Upload a proposed budget outline showing all known sources of support.
To clarify some of the preferences of the Program the following guidelines will normally apply:
1.   Funding will be awarded from $1,000-$3,000 (small), $3,000-$5,000 (medium) or up to $10,000 (large). Support for an Artist in Residence may exceed 10,000. Projects with a total budget (including all sources)  over $30,000 will not be supported.
2.   Interdisciplinary activities that reach across units, and across campuses are given priority.
3.   Subventions for academic publishing will not be considered at this time; catalogue exhibitions that are part of a larger academic event are the only publication that will be considered for funding.
4.   Significant costs (over $3,000) for performers will not be funded, with the exception of the Artist in Residence.
5.   Events of an annual or continuing nature that have previously been funded through the Jackman Humanities Institute Program for the Arts are normally eligible for one repeat year of funding; this need not be sequential. 
6.   Preference will be given to projects that will use a recording of the event for teaching or research. The JHI provides basic publicity package (on-campus mailing of in-house produced colour flyers, website posting, email announcement to departments and relevant EDU’s), and will make available the first-floor multipurpose room (which seats 100) to all funded events. The JHI will also make a digital record for any Program for the Arts event, provided that this record is to be used for teaching or research purposes, and will arrange broadcasting of events. We also offer restricted virtual space through our website for each event for conversation and shared research.
7.   Costs for publicity, space rental, website development, and AV work that would fall into these categories will not normally be accepted as fundable budget items. 
Questions? Please contact JHI Director Professor Robert Gibbs at JHI.Director@utoronto.ca
Applications open: 15 February 2015
Applications due: 7 April 2015

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