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Garry Leonard
the Thing Itself: Modernism, Modernity, Mythology

Contact Details
Contact Email: leonard@utsc.utoronto.ca
Phone: 4164666962
Address: 220 Fulton Avenue
City: Toronto
Province: Ontario
country: Canada
Postal Code: m4k 1y5
I came to the University of Toronto in 1991. My work has been on modernism and modernity, particularly in the works of Joyce and Woolf. I also began the Literature and Film program at UTSC and have published on Kubrick, Hitchcock and others.

What I'm Working On:
The status of "mythology" in the supposed "Age of Reason". The Enlightenment seemed to banish "myth" as superstition, but Modernity has its own myths: the myth of progress, the myth of efficiency, the myth of innovation, to name a few. I look at both literature and film in in this context.

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