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Critical China Studies

Critical China Studies

The Critical China Studies working group brings scholars of China together across a wide range of disciplines at the University of Toronto and in the Greater Toronto Area. Having completed five productive years (2008-2014), we return for the first year of a new cycle in which we have set the following objectives:
1.    We will strive to nurture dynamic graduate student participation by encouraging their presentation of research, conference papers, thesis proposals and chapters, and by facilitating in-depth communication on their presentations so that they receive feedback from peer students and faculty members;
2.    We will expand our academic interests and disciplinary approaches by presenting scholarship focusing on cross-regional, inter-cultural, and transnational aspects of China studies;
3.    We will complement our current strengths in the study of modern and contemporary China with research interests in pre-modern Chinese society and culture;
4.    We will explore the potential for collaboration with other JHI working groups.

Yiching Wu, UTSG East Asian Studies
Xing Fan, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies

Faculty at the University of Toronto
Ruoyun Bai, UTSG Comparative Literature
Alana Boland, UTSG Geography & Planning
Li Chen, UTSG History
Linda Feng, UTSG East Asian Studies
Yi Gu, UTSG Art
Ping-Chun Hsiung, UTSG Sociology
Tong Lam, UTSG History
Jennifer Purtle, UTSG Art
Hamish Stewart, Law
Malcolm Thompson, UTSG History
Meng Yue, UTSG East Asian Studies
Jun Zhang, UTSG Geography & Planning
Yurou Zhong, UTSG East Asian Studies

Faculty outside the University of Toronto
Joshua Fogel, History, York University
Yunxiang Gao, History, Ryerson University
Joan Judge, History, York University
Jessica Li, Lecturer, Humanities, York University

Graduate Students at the University of Toronto
Xi Chen, East Asian Studies
Jonathan Doughty, History
Graham Candy, Anthropology
Shengping Guo, East Asian Studies
Monica Guu, Art
Joseph Chan, History
Yanfei Li, East Asian Studies
Yan Lu, Comparative Literature
James Poborsa, East Asian Studies and Art
Meaghan Marian, History
Mark McConaghy, East Asian Studies
Elizabeth Parke, Art
Gary Wang, Art
Yu Wang, History
Catherine Xiaowu Xu, East Asian Studies
Yvonne Jia-Raye Yo, East Asian Studies
Tony Zhang, Sociology
Yuanfang Zhang, East Asian Studies

Graduate Students outside the University of Toronto

Doris Ha-Lin Sung, Humanities, York University
Jingsheng Zhao, Anthropology, York University

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