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Animals in the Law and Humanities

Animals in the Law and Humanities

From a legal perspective, animals are property and the relationship of humans to animals is one of ownership conceptualized in terms of concepts like control, capture, and domestication. The treatment of animals as property echoes in historical categorizations of married women and slaves as property and invites reflection on the many and often contradictory and potentially problematic ways in which we view and use animals: as pets and as food or clothing; in a taxidermy museum display or in a laboratory setting; revered and romanticized in a zoo or conservation context but disposable in a hunting context. Animals are a quintessential humanistic category in the sense that our understanding and attitude towards them depends so much on the varied ends and purposes we have for them as a species of property to do with as we will. How humans have treated and continue to treat animals tells us a lot about those humans.

Now in its third year, this group will do three things in 2015-2016: (i) continue with the speaker-a-term format, including one shared with the law school; (ii) use non-speaker sessions to encourage group members to present work-in-progress that might contribute to a joint publication by the group; (iii) organize one or two co-sponsored special events.

Angela Fernandez, Faculty of Law

Faculty at the University of Toronto
Lesli Bisgould, Law
Matthew Brower, Lecturer, Faculty of Information
Hilary Cunningham Scharper Anthropology
Sean Hawkins, UTSG History
Lisa A. Kramer, Finance
Anne Milne, UTSC English
Mary Nyquist, UTSG English
Sue Ruddick, Geography and Planning

Faculty outside the University of Toronto
Stefan Dolgert, Political Science, Brock University
Tracy McDonald, History, McMaster University
Ziyaad Mia, Lecturer, Osgoode Hall Law School

Postdoctoral Researchers
Rasheed Tazudeen, UTSG English and Jackman Humanities Institute

Graduate Students at the University of Toronto
Maureen Coyle, Sociology
Natalie Fijia, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Rachel Levine, Anthropology
Emma Planinc, Political Science
Jennifer Squibb, Social Work
Sundhya Walther, English

Law Students at the University of Toronto
Katrina Brazzell, Co-Chair, Student Animal Legal Defence Fund
Chelsea Legge
Katie Longo
Charles Millar, Co-Chair, Student Animal Legal Defence Fund
Erinn Wattie

Kristine Connidis, Law
Camille Labchuk, Law; Executive Director, Animal Justice Canada
Michelle Tse, Law

Local Professionals
Suzana Gartner, Gartner Kostanka Animal Law and Mediation
Melanie de Quadros, Articling Student, Animal Justice Canada
Kathleen Therriault, Provincial government lawyer

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