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Creative Labour

<p><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong>Creative Labour</strong></span></p> <p>&ldquo;Creative labour&rdquo; is often touted as the future of work in Canada. Yet from the perspective of many workers in the culture industries, creative labour is also precarious, uncertain and underpaid. In fact, creative labour exemplifies and in some cases models one perilous development in the contemporary landscape of work: the rise of contingent and flexible labour across geopolitical and virtual economies. This working group starts from the premise that looking at the practice of media-making, literature and art as labour can generate important insights about both art and work. Working from an interdisciplinary perspective, this working group brings together scholars from communication studies, anthropology, geography, history, information studies, education studies, and art to examine what creative labour is exactly and to begin thinking in new ways about it.<br /><br />Our activities will centre around discussions of recent books examining questions of creative labour in contemporary social life, which will be enhanced by involving the book&rsquo;s author via Skype. We hope to produce short podcast-style interviews with some of the authors, which will be posted online. We will also pursue at least one field trip to a local event for creative workers such as the Vector Festival. One meeting per term will be a &ldquo;works in progress&rdquo; meeting, where group members will workshop current writing projects. One meeting per term will be held at UTM, potentially at the Blackwood Gallery. The&nbsp; year will culminate in a short symposium where group members present their reflections on how the year&rsquo;s discussion of creative labour has shaped their own research, anchored by a public lecture from one of the authors we have engaged with over the year.<br /><br /><strong>Lead</strong><br /><a title="email Jessica Taylor" href="mailto: jessica.taylor@utoronto.ca" target="_blank"><strong>Jessica Taylor</strong></a>, UTM Anthropology<br /><br /><strong>Faculty at the University of Toronto<br /></strong>Jordan Bear, UTSG Art<br />Alessandro Delfanti, UTM ICCIT<br />Deborah Leslie, UTSG Geography &amp; Planning<br />Nicole Cohen, UTM Communication, Culture, Information &amp; Technology<br />Brett Caraway, UTM Communication, Culture, Information &amp; Technology<br />Leslie Shade, Faculty of Information<br /><strong><br /></strong><strong>Graduate Students at the University of Toronto<br /></strong>Shannon Black, Geography &amp; Planning<br />Chloe Fox, Geography &amp; Planning<br />Kristina Francescutti, History<br />Karen Dewart McEwan, Faculty of Information<br />Hye Jin Kim, OISE<br />Johanna Lawrie, Drama, Theatre &amp; Performance Studies<br />Sarah Lubelski, Faculty of Information<br />Ashley Scarlett, Faculty of Information<br />Sunyoung Yang, Anthropology<br />Christopher Young, Faculty of Information<br />Adam Zendel, Geography &amp; Planning<strong><br /><br />Alumni<br /></strong>Rebecca Noone, Faculty of Information</p>

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