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Filming Age

Filming Age

This working group will focus on bringing interdisciplinary scholars and artists together to explore the theme of “Filming Age.” More precisely, Working Group members will engage with a range of filmic, animated, and new media works that feature aging and old age. Equally critical, the Working Group will also function as a hive to foster creative works/initiatives. During the fall term, the WG will workshop the film “Piano Lessons” in preparation for its premieres at the Faculty of Music and Baycrest Hospital; in the spring term, we will host a public screening of short films, videos, and performance pieces by WG members.To inspire our scholarly and creative efforts, working group members will engage with scholarly articles and aesthetic works that explore examples, theorizations, and analyses of films that raise the following questions about age, aging, and intergenerational relationships:

  • What are the current narratives the dominate the cultural imaginary about aging and old age?
  • How do these narratives reflect the fears and desires associated with contemporary challenges associated with aging and old age, e.g. the current debates in Canada about assisted suicide?
  • What are the spaces associated with aging in film? Have they changed over time?
  • How do different filmic genres interpret aging and old age differently?
  • What role is played by other non-visual filmic elements, e.g. sound?
  • Do representations of aging and old age alter when films rely on animation?
  • What were the conventions of representing old age in cultures and earlier periods? What arguments can be made for drawing on and/or resuscitating those traditions?
  • How do individual films represent aging and old age as a kind of ability or disability, and how do they combat ableism as a frame for thinking of aging?
  • How do films engage with the theme of care and caregiving?

Marlene Goldman, UTSC English

Faculty at University of Toronto
Lora Seneschal Carney, UTSC Arts, Culture, Media
T. Nikki Cesare-Schotzko, FAS Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Andrea Charise, UTSC Health Studies
Alice Maurice, UTSC English
Sara Saljouhi, UTSC English
Lawrence Switzky, UTM English & Drama

Graduate Students at University of Toronto
Celine Bell, Cinema Studies
Liza Futerman, Comparative Literature
Julia Gray, OISE
Angelo Murreda, English

Faculty Members at Other Universities
Sally Chivers, Sociology, Trent University
Kim Sawchuk, Communications Studies, Concordia University
Elinor Fuchs, Drama, Yale University

Graduate Students at Other Universities

Peter Conrad, Film, Ryerson University
Edward Nunes Jansen, Film, Ryerson University
Cyrus Sundar Singh, Film, Ryerson University
Masoud Esakdari, Film, Ryerson University
Community Members
Laura Nordin, producer and actor
Annie Briggs, actor
Philip McKee, director

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