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Im/Migration, Mobilities, Circulation

Im/Migration, Mobilities, Circulation

“Emergent Visions, Imagined Spaces”
The interdisciplinary and creative sparks referred to include: a) the depth of historians’ engagement with the deep roots and routes in shaping and knowing im/migration and mobilities; b) the interest in current questions, specifically the embodied experiences of Syrian refugees, other forced migrants, and undocumented and temporary labour migrants worldwide; and, c) the need for and relevance of enlarged and contextualized imaginaries, including those created in film, art history, architecture/urban planning, anthropology, geography, cultural studies, drama, music, the law, linguistics, and religious and sexuality studies. We strive to anchor the forthcoming year’s working group in emergent artistic provocations that dovetail with the JHI’s 2016-17 themes of time, rhythm and pace. We will inquire into how interdisciplinarity—and especially contributions from visual arts, literature and film—serve to enliven, expand and refine our collective scholarly lenses on migration, movement and mobility. We seek thoughtful considerations of questions including: How might be or is the ‘refugee crisis’ conceptualized and manifest across disciplines? How might we invert/subvert ‘disaster’ to observe how people deploy their everyday good knowledge to care for each other in times of so-called crisis? How might we be inspired by exploring how people “fall together” (as per http://www.onbeing.org/program/rebecca-solnitfalling- together/8691) and learn from communities arising during such times, including for people who do not or cannot flee?

Laura Bisaillon, UTSC Health Studies and Anthropology
Rachel Silvey, FAS Geography & Planning
Elizabeth Harney, UTSC Arts, Culture & Media

Faculty at the University of Toronto
Michelle Buckley, UTSC Human Geography
Andrea Cortinois, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
Maggie Cummings, UTSC Anthropology
Donna Gabaccia, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
Emily Gilbert, FAS Geography & Planning and Canadian Studies
Atiqa Hachimi, UTSC Women & Gender Studies and UTSC African Studies
Monica Heller, OISE, Social Justice Education
Farzaneh Hemmasi, Faculty of Music
Julie MacArthur, UTM Historical Studies
Audrey Macklin, Faculty of Law
Minelle Mahtani, UTSC Human Geography
Ato Quayson, FAS English
Jayeeta Sharma, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
Alberto Zambenedetti, FAS Italian Studies

Faculty outside the University of Toronto
Idil Atak, Criminology, Ryerson University
Victoria Bernal, University of California-Irvine
Christina Clark-Kazak, International Studies, York University
Alison Mountz, International Affairs, Wilfrid Laurier University
Antonio Sorge, Anthropology, York University

Postdoctoral Researchers at the University of Toronto

Tarmir Aviv, FAS Geography & Planning
David Seitz, FAS Geography & Planning

Graduate Students at the University of Toronto
Laurie Drake, History
Line El-Shamy, Art History
Monica Espaillat-Lizardo, History
Paolo Frascà, Italian Studies and Sexual Diversity Studies
Dustin Harris, History
Nadine Ijaz, Faculty of Pharmacy
Jennifer Lau, East Asian Studies
Lindsay Sidders, History
Erica Toffoli, History
Emily Wang, Faculty of Music

Graduate Students outside the University of Toronto

Aytak Akbari-Dibavar, Political Science and International Studies, York University
Ateeka Khan, History, McMaster University
Vanessa Lovisa, History, McMaster University
Johanna Reynolds, Geography, York University

Community Members
Dawit L. Petros, visual artist, New York/Toronto
Shahram Tabe, director, International Diaspora Film Festival, Toronto
Sheila Thompson, fibre artist, Toronto

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