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Medieval East Asia

Medieval East Asia

The Medieval East Asia Working Group aims to connect faculty and graduate students from across the University whose work relates to the study of medieval East Asia, with medieval East Asia referring to both an historical geographic region and a conceptual time and space. Part reading group, part forum for local scholars at all stages of their career to share work-in-progress, the working group draws its membership and its reading list from the fields of history, literary studies, religious studies, and material cultural studies. Our goal is to consider how the concept of the “medieval,” a term first appropriated from the study of the Middle Ages, allows us to think productively about tendencies that transcend East Asian national histories from the end of the Han dynasty to the beginning of the Tokugawa period – and not as a means of gauging a nation’s similarity to, or distance from, Europe. Because the concept is of foreign origin, it offers a more or less neutral bed on which to think about processes that include religious movements, the dissolution of empire and political fragmentation, violence, commerce and urbanization that affected the entire region. This working group will explore the possibilities opened up by this way of thinking about the field of pre-modern East Asian studies in a series of regular meetings, as well as in two sponsored events (one workshop, one public lecture).

Amanda Goodman, FAS Study of Religion
Linda Feng, FAS East Asian Studies

Faculty at the University of Toronto
Sarah Richardson, UTM Historical Studies
Graham Sanders, FAS East Asian Studies
Nhung Tuyet Tran, FAS History
Curie Virag, FAS East Asian Studies

Graduate Students at the University of Toronto

Yu Wen, East Asian Studies
Nicholas Field, Study of Religion
Howard Shing, Study of Religion

Faculty outside the University of Toronto
Adam Bohnet, History, Western University

Graduate Students outside the University of Toronto

Crystal Beaudoin, Religious Studies, McMaster University
Meghan Howard, Religion, UC Berkeley
Rui Feng, Religious Studies, McMaster University
Chris Jensen, Religious Studies, McMaster University

Community Member
Wen-Chien Cheng, East Asian Art Chair, Royal Ontario Museum

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