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Nineteenth-Century Time

Nineteenth-Century Time

This Working Group is focused on nineteenth-century conceptions of time and temporal experience. We are excited about the opportunity to use this thematic focus to bring together musicologists, performance practitioners, and cultural historians with scholars of literature, drama, philosophy, early photography and cinema, all of whom work within studies of the “long nineteenth century.”
The subject of historical notions of time and temporal experience is immediately relevant for a cross-disciplinary exploration of the cultures of thought, representation and performance of an era marked by –– to name a few factors –– revolutions both political and industrial; manipulations of time and space wrought by new technologies, economies, and the political/ national/colonial workings of exhibition and display; shifts in the understanding of nature and the relationship between the natural world and human history; the rise of historicist consciousnesses across multiple disciplines; and new psychologist discourses of the subject in terms of temporal experience and memory. Thus, some themes under which we plan to organize our meetings, discussions and presentation sessions include:

  • historiography and instrumental historicity
  • notions of futurity
  • impacts of time measurement technologies and standardization
  • categories of pace and timing –– new speeds, the pathologically slow, and ideas of “lateness”
  • immediacy, spontaneity and improvisation
  • “stolen time,” rubato and tempo flexibility in musical, danced and dramatic performance periodicity and metric dissonances, and
  • literary, poetic, and philosophical conceptions of temporal experience –– including the political, and memory

–– all in “long nineteenth century” contexts.

Sherry Lee, Faculty of Music
Ellen Lockhart, Faculty of Music

Faculty Members at University of Toronto
Rebecca Comay, FAS Philosophy and Comparative Literature
Angela Esterhammer, FAS English
Willi Goetschel, FAS German and Philosophy
Sarah Gutsche-Miller, Faculty of Music
Brian Jacobson, FAS Cinema Studies
Lawrence Switzky, UTM English & Drama

Graduate Students at University of Toronto

Dan Deutsch, Jewish Studies, Music
Taryn Jackson, Faculty of Music
Caitlin Martinkus, Faculty of Music
William Ohm, German
Erin Pitrowski, English
Isabel Stowell-Kaplan, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Andrew Warren, German

Faculty Member outside University of Toronto
Marta Braun, Photography, Ryerson University

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