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Queer Theory

Queer Theory

The overall objective of The Queer Theory Working Group (QTWG) is to explore new turns and challenges in queer theory through a collaborative interdisciplinary approach, which values fluidity between fields and departments. After two successful years of the QTWG, we intend to reconvene for the coming 2016-2017 academic year. The third year of the working group will build on previous discussions by analyzing and deconstructing unexpected intersections of queer theory and a range of disciplines. Last year we attempted to approach our readings through the lens of spatiality and temporality. This year the discussion will be focused on the relationship between queer theory, critical race theory, and intersectionality. Utilizing critical race theory and intersectional feminism as a starting point for our theorizations and discussions, the working group will meet on a monthly basis to discuss recent publications in queer theory (published in the last three years). We will invite conversations on theorizations and experiences of settler colonialism, race, and power, among other areas of interest associated with critical race theory. Ultimately, one of the primary objectives of the QTWG is to engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue and to examine pertinent questions about power, homonormativity and academia. In addition to our monthly readings, our third year of the QTWG will integrate optional outings to community events, performances, films, and galleries. Through artistic engagement the group will apply and complicate the readings discussed. We will specifically focus on works by queer artists of colour and queer artists from more marginalized communities. These will include outings to d'bi young Anitafrika’s Watah Theatre Audre Lorde Festival, as well as a production of Black Boys (Buddies and Bad Times Theatre) and The Youth / Elders Project (Buddies in Bad Times).

Laine Zisman Newman, PhD candidate, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies

Faculty Members at the University of Toronto
T. Nikki Cesare-Schotzko, FAS Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Elizabeth Gould, Faculty of Music
Patrick Keilty, Faculty of Information
Scott Rayter, FAS Sexual Diversity Studies
J. Barton Scott, UTM Historical Studies
Larry Switzky, UTM English & Drama

Graduate Students at the University of Toronto

Cameron Crookston, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Paolo Frasca, Italian Studies
Celeste Pang, Anthropology
David Pereira, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Jessica Thorp, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Kelsey Vivash, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies

Graduate Students outside University of Toronto
Nicole Ritchie, Social & Political Thought, York University
Moynan King, Performance Studies, York University
Faye Guenther, English, York University
Weronika Rogula, Women & Gender Studies, York University
Robin Alex McDonald, Cultural Studies, Queen’s University

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