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Scholars-in-Residence in 2019 -- Tricampus starting this year!

Jackman Scholars-in-Residence (SiR) is an intensive 4-week residency in interdisciplinary humanities and humanistic social-science research for upper-year undergraduates. SiR provides students with an opportunity to acquire advanced research skills and experience while collaborating with an interdisciplinary and intellectually vibrant community of peers, professors, and research professionals. Students selected for SiR will live in residence and work in small teams on one of 20 research projects, each led by a professor. Students share meals and group activities including multidisciplinary workshops on research methodologies, standards, protocol, and professional communication; excursions to archives, museums, and cultural events; and talks featuring professionals such as lawyers, policy-makers, and documentary filmmakers that highlight research-intensive career trajectories.

Scholars-in-Residence is a research community supported by the Jackman Humanities Institute, the Vice-Provost--Innovations in Undergraduate Education, UTM, UTSC, the St. George Colleges, and Bader Philanthropies Inc. through Victoria University.

2019 Expansion

Scholars-in-Residence will expand to include 100 students working on twenty research projects: ten at UT-St. George, five at UT-Mississauga, and five at UT-Scarborough. Applications for faculty supervisors at all three campuses will be accepted in November 2018, and applications for student participants will be accepted in January-February 2019.

Faculty Members: if you are interested in participation, please see the FAQ sheet: [pdf]

2018 Expansion

The 2018 Scholars-in-Residence included five projects located at UTM as well as ten projects located at the UT-St. George campus. The Scholars-in-Residence program expanded in 2018 to include 75 students working on fifteen research projects.  Applications for faculty supervisors were accepted in November 2017, and applications for student participants were accepted in January-February 2018.  To view the faculty project descriptions for the 2018 Scholars-in-Residence, click HERE.

2017 Expansion

Jackman Scholars-in-Residence 2017, an immersive 4-week research residency in humanities and humanistic social science research, ran 1-26 May 2017. Upper-year undergraduates from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds lived in St George College residences and worked in 5-person teams on ten faculty-led research projects. In addition to 20 hours per week of RA work, students participated in multidisciplinary workshops on research methodologies and protocol, research roundtable sessions with UofT faculty, and cultural excursions.

Building on a successful 20-student pilot held at Victoria College in 2016, last year’s program involved 50 Scholars living at 6 College residences: Innis (5 Scholars), New (5), SMC (7), Trinity (12), UC (5), and Victoria (16). Scholars participated in three different communities: their 5-member interdisciplinary research teams (with whom they worked), their College-based cohorts (with whom they lived), and the SiR group as a whole (which came together daily for dinners at Victoria College, workshops, and other activities). The increased number of research projects (up from 4 in 2016) had a positive impact on the group as a whole: the enhanced network of methodological and thematic connections allowed projects to speak to one another in productive ways and led to broader considerations of research for all participants. Click HERE for detailed descriptions of the Scholars-in-Residence projects of May 2017.

Scholars-in-Residence@Vic, May 2016

The Jackman Scholars-in-Residence @ Victoria College project was an intensive 4-week residency in humanities research for upper-year undergraduate students in May, 2016. Twenty students lived in residence at Victoria College and worked in small teams on 4 faculty-led research projects. In addition, they took part in multidisciplinary workshops (on research methodologies, standards, protocol, and professional communication), participated in faculty research talks and roundtables, and enjoyed a variety of cultural events and excursions. Students received complimentary room and board, plus a $1,000 Jackman Scholar Award. The Scholars-in-Residence project, which attracted 223 applications for its 20 positions, addressed the pressing need for increased research-based learning opportunities in the humanities. The project was open to students from across the Faculty of Arts and Science, UTM, and UTSC.

The project’s participants demonstrated improved research skills including navigating online databases and rare-book libraries; employing best-practices of scholarly editing and proof-reading; identifying, evaluating, and exploiting primary sources; and synthesizing contextual knowledge about research subjects to evaluate methodological problems. Students rated their “overall experience” in the project an average of 4.7 out of 5, and described the project in their evaluations as “life-changing,” “intensely rewarding,” and “perhaps the most valuable experience of my undergraduate career.” For participating faculty members, the primary output of the project was a significant advancement of new research: one emerged with 5 novel-length digital transcriptions, one with 10 fleshed-out case studies for a monograph, one with a wealth of material for expanding an on-line database, and one with the foundation of a new scholarly article. Given the success of the residency for both students and faculty, plans are underway for a significant expansion of the project in May, 2017.


Professor Angela Esterhammer, Director, Scholars-in-Residence 2018-2019

Dr. Ira Wells, Program Manager

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