Jackman Scholars-in-Residence (SiR) invites applications for faculty supervisors every year in October for projects at UT St George, UTM, and UTSC.

Benefits to Supervisors

The SiR program provides supervisors with 5 outstanding paid RAs to work for the 4 weeks of the program. In addition, SiR supervisors receive $2,000 in research funds from the Jackman Humanities Institute to support the activities of their research team. SiR handles the student application process centrally and supervisors select their research teams with the guidance of the Advisory Committee. Faculty should be prepared to provide active supervision of their research teams throughout the 4-week project period.

Since its inception in 2016, Scholars-in-Residence has nurtured a close-knit, multidisciplinary, intergenerational community of researchers. Faculty supervisors consistently report positive experiences of participating in the program and are frequently astounded by the results achieved by their undergraduate RA teams.

Eligible Units

Research- and teaching-stream faculty in any unit affiliated with the JHI are invited to submit proposals:

  • The Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Architecture
  • Education
  • Information
  • Law
  • Music
  • UTM
  • UTSC

We invite proposals for in-person, campus-based work in small research teams. Projects should fall within the JHI’s broad interpretation of the “Humanities” (including political theory, interpretive social science, education, music, architecture, and the arts). Selection criteria are the scholarly merit of the research proposal, the rationale for including undergraduate researchers in the project, and the expected benefit to students.

The 2024 Scholars-in-Residence Call for Proposals is now closed. Check back in late September 2024 for the 2025 Call.