Research Support Programming

Dr. Amy Ratelle joined the Jackman Humanities Institute as a Strategic Research Development Officer in August 2021 to support researchers in the Humanities and qualitative Social Sciences across the tri-campus. She develops dedicated experiential workshops and programming support organized around five key areas:

  1. External funding applications
  2. Early career support
  3. Publication support
  4. Fostering research collaborations across disciplines and other models of community engagement
  5. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Accordingly, in 2022-23 a full 50% of JHI programming was organized around research support as broadly construed (including publication support and dedicated support for early career researchers), with nearly 30% dedicated to research funding (around the SSHRC Insight program and Partnership suite), and 21% around collaborative connections, with in-person events. Dr. Ratelle also provides dedicated support to the annual JHI Circle of Fellows.

2023-24 Research Programming

The upcoming academic year promises to deliver additional quality programming of value to the U of T Humanities and Social Sciences community. Our calendar of events includes:

  • September: New Faculty Salon
  • October: JHI Funding Opportunities
  • November: Project & Trainee Management for Humanities Research Projects
  • December: JHI x CRIS – Book Publishing Series: The Second Book
  • January: Mitacs Funding for Humanities Researchers
  • February: Early Career Support – Placing an Article in a Leading Journal
  • March: JHI x UTSC- Programming for BIPOC Scholars: Alternate Publishing Avenues
  • April: Graduate Support: Alt-ac Careers
  • May: Partnered Research for Humanities Fireside Chat
  • May: JHI Writing Retreat
  • June: Graduate Support – Postdoctoral Funding & Fellowships
  • June-July: JHI SSHRC Grant Writing Bootcamp

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