Funding for Programs

The Jackman Humanities Institute supports a range of activities every year; some are tied to the annual theme, and others are free-standing awards geared to specific needs as they arise.

Program for the Arts

Program for the Arts applications are accepted in February and March for awards up to $10,000 that will support events in the arts and humanities such as exhibitions, visiting speakers, symposia, performances, and events series. This fund is tied to the annual theme.


The JHI supports workshops for members of the U of T community that enable the development of skills such as public humanities writing, blogging, social media, working in research partnerships, awards funding, applying for research funding, and community-engaged research. Workshops are held throughout the year and are not tied to the annual theme.

JHI-UTM Seminar

The JHI-UTM Seminar is an annual collaborative partnership between the Jackman Humanities Institute and one of the units at the University of Toronto Mississauga. The seminar leader organizes a series of seminars, lectures, film screenings, workshops, visits and other events at UTM on a given research theme. The intent is to create a sustaining conversation among junior and senior scholars and creators at UTM.

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