Program for the Arts

The Jackman Humanities Institute Program for the Arts supports a range of events from small to large designed to enhance, improve and raise the profile of the Arts at the University of Toronto. Activities may include visitors, lecture series, symposia, exhibitions, performances, or other imaginative and arts initiatives, which will serve to foster the work of the Jackman Humanities Institute and to represent the leading scholarship of the humanities at the University of Toronto. Each year there will be a priority for at least one event that engages the wider public. The Program gives priority to activities that range across multiple units and across more than one campus. The Program also prefers activities that are related to the coming year's annual theme but will consider proposals with other foci.

This year's events relate to the annual theme—Labour. Dates are approximate and subject to change. For up to date information on events follow us on Twitter or Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter or check our Events section.

RaceB4Race: Genealogies
Urvashi Chakravarty, UTSC English
Symposium and Workshops, September 2022

Truth Values: One Girl’s Romp Through MIT’s Male Math Maze
Faith Ellen, A&S Computer Science
Performances, September 2022

Wish You Were Here, Wish Here Was Better
Ellyn Walker, UTM Visual Studies
Public Art and Event Series, September 2022

Dramaturgies of Resistance: The Labour of the Negative
Rebecca Comay, A&S Philosophy and Comparative Literature
Series of three events, November 2022 to May 2023

Invisible Labour
Barbara Fischer, Curator, Art Museum and Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design
Exhibition curated by Ingrid Jones, January to April 2023

The Labours of Love: Resurrecting Haydn’s Orfeo
Caryl Clark, Faculty of Music
Performance and Symposium, March 2023

New Approaches to Labour Studies
Husseina Dinani, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
Workshop, May 2023

Work, Class and Social Democracy in the Global Age of August Bebel (1840-1913)
James Retallack, A&S History
Conference component, May 2023

The Love Booth and Other Plays: The Labour of Queer Activism and Care
Tara Goldstein, OISE Curriculum, Teaching & Learning
Performance, June 2023