Program for the Arts

The Jackman Humanities Institute Program for the Arts supports a range of events from small to large designed to enhance, improve and raise the profile of the Arts at the University of Toronto. Activities may include visitors, lecture series, symposia, exhibitions, performances, or other imaginative and arts initiatives, which will serve to foster the work of the Jackman Humanities Institute and to represent the leading scholarship of the humanities at the University of Toronto. Each year there will be a priority for at least one event that engages the wider public. The Program gives priority to activities that range across multiple units and across more than one campus. The Program also prefers activities that are related to the coming year's annual theme (Absence) but will consider proposals with other foci.

Dates are approximate and subject to change. For up to date information on events follow us on Twitter or Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter or check our Events section.

Camille Turner: Another Place, Not Here
Noa Bronstein and Barbara Fischer, John M. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design
In partnership with The Art Museum of the University of Toronto; co-sponsored by the Canada Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council
Exhibition, September 4, 2024 to March 22, 2025

Fluid Medium
Victoria Wohl, A&S Classics and James Cahill, A&S Cinema Studies Institute
In partnership with A&S Departments of Classics, English, Study of Religion, and History; Centre for Comparative Literature and Cinema Studies Institute
Screening and discussion with filmmakers Craig Santos Peros and Stacy Alaimo, October 3, 2024

An Animal Underground: Re-Signifying the Monkey in Canada and South Africa
Lawrence Switzky, UTM English & Drama and Marlene Goldman, UTSC English
In partnership with Punctuate! Theatre (Edmonton) and Noma Yini Arts Collective (Johannesburg SA)
Two-day performance-based workshop and symposium, October 2024

Going to Ground: A Research Creation Series Rooted in the Environmental Humanities
Sherry Lee, Faculty of Music
In partnership with the International Doctoral Cluster in Environmental Humanities with University of Oxford and University of Pennsylvania
Event series, Fall 2024 and Winter 2025

Hidden Stories of Gendered Violence in the Salvadoran Civil War
María Méndez, A&S Political Science
In partnership with UTM Historical Studies and A&S Political Science
Screening of Añil (Indigo) and visiting speakers filmmaker Julio Lopez and historian Dr. Paula Cuellar, Fall 2024

Melville and Hawthorne ReWritten
Melissa Gniadek, UTM English & Drama
In partnership with A&S Centre for the Study of the United States; tri-campus Departments of English
Performance and week-long artist residency by Matthew Cumbie and Tom Truss with the ReWritten creative team, November 25 to 29 2024

La Reine-garçon: Philosophy, Opera, and Gender
Donald Ainslie, A&S Philosophy and Caryl Clark, Faculty of Music (emeritus)
In collaboration with Canadian Opera Company and co-sponsored with the A&S  Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, Departments of French and Philosophy, and UTM Department of Philosophy
Symposium on Cartesian Philosophy and Contemporary Gender Theory and Performance, January 2025

Digging Below the Surface: Cartooning the Underbelly of Extractive Capitalism
Girish Daswani, UTSC Anthropology
In partnership with UTSC Anthropology and Institute for Ethnology and A&S Centre For Diaspora & Transnational Studies
Exhibition, Lecture and Workship with Visiting Speaker, cartoonist Bright Ackwerh,
January to March 2025.

The Art Gallery Problem
Karie Liao and Christine Shaw, UTM Visual Studies
In partnership with the Blackwood Gallery; co-sponsored by the Canada Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council
Exhibition and associated programming, January 8 to March 5, 2025

Future Public Understandings of Mathematics
Sylvia Nickerson, A&S IHPST
In partnership with the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
Artist talk and workshop with sculptor Laura Marotta, Date TBA