Program for the Arts

The Jackman Humanities Institute Program for the Arts supports a range of events from small to large designed to enhance, improve and raise the profile of the Arts at the University of Toronto. Activities may include visitors, lecture series, symposia, exhibitions, performances, or other imaginative and arts initiatives, which will serve to foster the work of the Jackman Humanities Institute and to represent the leading scholarship of the humanities at the University of Toronto. Each year there will be a priority for at least one event that engages the wider public. The Program gives priority to activities that range across multiple units and across more than one campus. The Program also prefers activities that are related to the coming year's annual theme but will consider proposals with other foci.

This year's events relate to the annual theme—Pleasure. Dates are approximate and subject to change. For up to date information on events follow us on Twitter or Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter or check our Events section.

Visualizing Pleasure and the Practices of Freedom: A South/North Dialogue
Kass Banning (FAS Cinema Studies Institute) and Jordache Ellapen (UTM Historical Studies)
International collaboration with the University of the Western Cape; symposium Fall 2021

Speculative AI: Octavia Butler and Other Possible Worlds
Beth Coleman (UTM Institute for Communication, Culture, Information & Technology and Faculty of Information)
Virtual multimedia art installation, May 2022

Patching Seas of War: Convivial Culture and the Joy of Defiance
Chandni Desai (New College Critical Studies of Equity and Solidarity)
Symposium and student workshop, ongoing from September 2021 – April 2022

The Art of Love: Symposium and Opera
Darryl Edwards (Faculty of Music)
Virtual presentations of a new chamber opera and symposium, Fall 2021

The Love Booth
Tara Goldstein (OISE Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning)
Performance-based workshop, June 2022

Problematic Pleasures in Digital Games and Play
Sara Grimes (Faculty of Information) and Felan Parker (St. Michael’s College Book and Media Studies)
Symposium, January or February 2022

The Pleasure of the Dawn Chorus: Preserving the Pandemic Soundscape
Alexander Hampton (FAS Department for the Study of Religion)
Mixed event series on birdsong in the City of Toronto; March 2022

A Virtual Premier of Three Songs on Anne Michaels
Steven Philcox (Faculty of Music)
Composition, performance and film, Summer and early Fall 2021

Artists-in-Presidents: Transmissions to Power
Christine Shaw (UTM Visual Studies and Blackwood Gallery)
Weekly podcasts and a mid-term symposium; July-December 2021

Disability and Theatrical Pleasure: A Creative Experiment
Katherine Williams (FAS Department of English)
Virtual curation and symposium on accessibility in the arts, Winter 2022

Pleasure of the Dispossessed: Queer Arts of the Chinese Working Class
Shana Ye (FAS Women and Gender Studies Institute)
Lectures, visual tour, poetry performance, workshop; multiple dates between September 2021 and June 2022