Visiting Public Humanities Faculty Fellowship

The JHI VPH Faculty Fellowship is intended to foster knowledge exchange between the academy and the public. The JHI VPH will be a mid-career, tenured faculty member from another institution who has a demonstrated track record of bringing humanities research out of the classroom and university press, and into the broader public realm for discussion, debate and examination across multiple media platforms, and who is experienced in addressing audiences outside the academy.

The JHI VPH Faculty Fellow will hold a fellowship at the JHI, where they will pursue research in their own discipline, engage in the public humanities and continue to develop their public profile. Residence is normally required September to April, while the JHI’s Circle of Fellows is meeting weekly. The JHI VPH Faculty Fellow is expected to:

  1. Propose, write, and publish innovative public humanities projects, some on the JHI’s annual theme, with the goal of taking humanities research into the public domain
  2. Participate in activities with the multigenerational circle of fellows, including weekly lunch seminars and occasional workshops and lectures
  3. Strengthen the U of T research network of publicly engaged humanities scholars by facilitating a workshop on public-facing research and writing in the humanities
  4. In addition, the JHI VPH Faculty Fellow may participate, as appropriate, in the other JHI activities as the opportunity arises

The Jackman Humanities Institute interprets “Humanities” as a broad category, including political theory, interpretive social science, music, and the arts.

JHI Visiting Public Humanities Faculty Fellowship applications are accepted starting early September for the following year’s Fellowships with a deadline of November 30.

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